Rocky Talks About Hooking Up On 'Below Deck'

Rocky and Eddie kept their hook-ups under wraps for so long on Below Deck , but we all knew the big secret was about to come out eventually. Tuesday night was the night as Rocky kicked off the episode by telling Emile about her trysts with the Eros bosun. Then to come full circle, Rocky told Amy all about hooking up with Eddie at the end of Tuesday night's episode, and we learned probably more than we've ever wanted to know about it.

Rocky revealed to Amy that she and Eddie had hooked up not once but a total of four times: three times in the laundry room and one time in the restroom, which is more than we had seen on the show before. There was actually some thought put into choosing the laundry room as their hook-up spot, too. You have to turn open the door, and the room is located right next to the stairs, so you can easily hear when people are coming by, Rocky explained to Amy. Some may think Rocky acts a little — OK, a lot — spacey sometimes, but there's more going on in that noggin than meets the mermaid tail.

Rocky also described to Amy that the first time she and Eddie hooked up as "amazing," "mind-blowing," and she felt like she wanted to marry Eddie. As Rocky mentioned earlier in the episode, being with Eddie is not just a hook-up; she has true feelings for the guy. Now it makes sense why Eddie's cold shoulder would be affecting Rocky to the point where she has come down with paralyzing tears.

When Rocky divulged the big secret to Amy, it nearly knocked her over. The stew had to sit on the floor, wearing her bath towel and all right after coming out of the shower, because of how shocking this news was. Amy couldn't believe that Rocky and Eddie were able to keep their hook-ups a secret for so long, and I'd have to agree with her. I've never been a yachtie or anything like that, but I can only imagine that living in close quarters like that would cause you to be all up in everybody's business. The fact that they could carry on something big between them like hooking up a secret for so long is actually quite impressive. Well, it would be if there weren't a girlfriend of Eddie's involved in the whole thing.

As you may recall, Amy revealed she had a little crush on Eddie at the end of Season 2 of Below Deck, so when Rocky told her about the hook-up, it could have easily been a very similar situation to when Emile heard the news. However, Amy and Eddie seem to just be good friends now, and I think she genuinely cares about Rocky's well-being, so I don't think there's any danger of drama brewing between these two stews.

However, Rocky does have to worry about Emile confronting Eddie, as he seemed ready to do at the end of Tuesday night's episode. Both Rocky and Amy strongly urged him to not say anything to Eddie and let Rocky deal with the whole thing on her own, which is funny because it looks like Amy is going to let the cat out of the back to Eddie during next week's episode. Hmmmm, maybe there's going to be some conflict between Rocky and Amy after all.

Images: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo; bricesander/Tumblr