Eddie Fesses Up On 'Below Deck'

by Laura Rosenfeld

In the final moments of Season 3 of Below Deck , it seemed as though Eddie and Rocky could actually remain friends after the entire Eros crew found out about their multiple hookups. When the secret was revealed, Eddie at first denied that anything had happened between the two of them. However, after he and Rocky hashed out their feelings and seemed to bury the hatchet, Eddie admitted to the whole crew that he and Rocky had a thing going on for much of the charter season. With lots of alcohol in everyone's system during the crew's last hurrah for the charter season, you can probably imagine how quickly things spiraled into conflict between Eddie and Rocky once more.

Though Dave and Kate reveal that they're disappointed in Eddie for cheating on his girlfriend during their confessional interviews, it was what Captain Lee said to Eddie's face that really sent the bosun over the edge. When the Eros boss heard the news of Eddie and Rocky's hookup, he told the bosun that he was disappointed in him. Captain Lee told Eddie flat out that he made a huge mistake, and he knows better than to do something like this.

Eddie said during Tuesday night's episode that hearing those words from Captain Lee was like having your father tell you he's disappointed in you. So though Eddie had previously been in good spirits, joking with everyone about hooking up with Rocky, it was like a switch immediately went off in his head, making him see more clearly just how awful a situation he had gotten himself into. He then also realized that hooking up with Rocky was one of the biggest mistakes he has ever made in his life, and he was ashamed of what he did. But instead of blaming himself as he should have done, Eddie blamed Rocky for the transgression.

I was glad to see that the usually free-spirited Rocky was having none of this. After feeling like Eddie was insinuating that hooking up with Rocky was a mistake, she thought the bosun was acting maliciously toward her, and she called him out on it. That's when Eddie told Rocky she was the one who initiated the hookup, even though it seemed like Eddie had started the whole thing with his suggestive texts earlier this season. Not cool, Eddie. Not cool. The way Eddie has tried to deflect all responsibility in what went down with Rocky really drives home the fact that this isn't the stand-up guy we all know and love from Below Deck seasons past. What a depressing reality that is to come to terms with.

So in the end, there was no closure between Eddie and Rocky. The two literally went their separate ways, and then the next morning, it was time for everyone to get off the boat and go home.

Though Rocky was practically skipping down the boardwalk after disembarking the Eros (she had, of course, dived off the boat moments before), saying how she was so happy that she would never have to see any of her fellow crewmembers again, I don't think she realized that she would eventually have to sit down with them again to relive all of the major moments of the season again during the reunion, which kicks off next Tuesday night. Maybe then Eddie and Rocky can resolve their drama once and for all. But we all know that's just wishful thinking as far as reunions are concerned.

Images: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo; Giphy