Is A 'Below Deck' Romance Blooming?

by Laura Rosenfeld

Romance on the Below Deck yacht never seems to work out very well. Sam and C.J. from Season 1 of the show ended up being more of a flirtmance, and the romance that did bloom between Season 2's Kelley and Jennice fizzled by the time the reunion came around. But clearly, Eddie and Rocky are going to ignore the past failed attempts to turn the Below Deck yacht into a love boat as the two might have hooked up during Tuesday night's episode of the show.

I say "might have" because the episode didn't make it 100 percent clear that anything transpired between these two. It's not like Bravo was going to show that R-rated or above behavior on screen, although we did hear some sexual-sounding noises coming from their mics. Of course, there were plenty of hints suggesting that this friendship might be turning into a romance.

For one thing, Eddie and Rocky's suggestive back-and-forth texts that seemed to begin during last Tuesday night's episode continued into the latest installment of the show. This time, however, Rocky finally made a move and invited Eddie to Eros' laundry room to make something happen. The laundry room is Rocky's favorite place, after all, but there's always the chance that she could have just invited Eddie to help her write her Broadway musical since that venue seems to give her the most musical inspiration out of any place on the boat.

The next day, Rocky and Eddie seemed pretty friendly toward one another and like they were both in a great mood. Poor Emile and Connie thought Eddie's lifted spirits were the result of them doing a better job as deckhands. If only they knew the truth.

Rocky and Eddie's confessional interviews also seemed to suggest that they had indeed hooked up. Rocky said something had happened between them and that they both needed it. Eddie also said that he went against his main rule on charter of not hooking up with anyone, so he seems to be confirming there that the two did in fact hook up.

Whatever Rocky and Eddie seem to have going on here, I think we all know that things are probably not going to end well for anyone involved. Even though the two seemed to hook up again at the end of the episode, Eddie seemed reluctant to do so. Remember, the guy does still have a girlfriend, albeit one that he's having some issues with right now. The teaser for this season also seemed to show Eddie confronting Rocky about telling everyone they hooked up at some point.

It's just like I said. Below Deck romances always end badly.

Image: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo