Hester Had A Rough Night On 'Scream Queens'

For a little while during the Nov. 17 episode of Scream Queens, "Ghost Stories," it seemed like Hester may have outwitted Chanel once and for all. The coveted Chad Radwell believed her fake pregnancy story, and was quick to uninvite Chanel from Thanksgiving in the Hamptons so he could bring Hester instead. Clad in a bedazzled neck brace, Hester was all too eager to gloat to Chanel, which was probably unwise, since Chanel casually but forcefully shoved her down Kappa House's ornate stairway. As the episode concluded, she and Chanels #3 and #5 were preparing to bring Hester to the meatlocker. But, since things aren't always as they appear, I have to wonder if Hester is really dead on Scream Queens.

If she is, I guess that means my theory that Hester was in cahoots with Gigi and Boone is incorrect. (I hate being wrong!) But, I think it's definitely possible that she survived — perhaps the neckbrace broke her fall? We did hear a snap when she landed, but that could have the sound of her brace breaking. If that's the case, Chanel had better seriously watch her back in upcoming episodes. I wouldn't be surprised if Hester lets them put her in the meat locker so they all believe she's dead, then returns for revenge.

The Scream Queens official Twitter account may have given us a clue:

The question mark is telling, because the other two characters who died this week got tributes that looked like this:

This could simply mean that Hester will return in a dream sequence, similar to Ariana Grande. But, according to IMDb, Lea Michele will appear in every episode of the season — which would indicate that she's either a) alive or b) will be in a whole lot of flashback and dream sequences. I'm leaning towards the former. Chanel, you may have made a huge mistake.

Image: Steve Dietl/FOX