Emily Thorne Is Going To Out-Spite The Graysons On 'Revenge' And It's Great News

We're definitely not disappointed in the turns ABC's Revenge has taken since its midseason premiere last Sunday. Those of you that tuned into Sunday night's episode of the ABC drama instead of the wildly epic Golden Globes got a serious treat. Emily Thorne's officially back and she's more spiteful and out for more vengeance than ever — and it's amazing. After that wedding night shooting and finding out that Emily had amnesia, we were convinced that we'd be watching a very different Revenge run its course. But, thankfully, that's not the case. Oh, and about that amnesia — Emily took our advice and didn't decide to fake it because she's got bigger plans.

Sunday night's episode started with Victoria getting Emily discharged and put into her care at Grayson Manor — which was obviously scary as hell for Emily because that family is officially off-the-charts crazy. Emily Thorne was also ready to give up and call it quits on her whole vendetta against her new husband's family. Well, she was ready to do that for about two seconds before she found out that because of where Daniel had shot her, she's sterile. So moving on to live a happy life is out of the question. These people are going to pay, and Emily Thorne is going to see to that.

In a sad moment that we really didn't see coming, Emily called it quits on Aiden because a) she's sterile, and b) she won't just run off into the sunset with him. (Even though watching those two get into international hijinks would be interesting. They could even open their own revenge-training camp together. How romantic would that be?) So sad for Aiden but so, SO great for Revenge because now we're going to get the most vengeful and least inhibited Emily Thorne. She's got nothing left to lose, so she's really going to go off.

But back to Emily Thorne becoming the most spiteful spurned woman with a motive on television. Victoria thought she'd trapped her by stealing the infinity box (which had been filled with all kinds of fake crap) and holding her hostage in Grayson Manor. Wrong. The Grayson matriarch also thought that they'd come off scot free by getting Emily to "believe" that Lydia had been the one that shot Emily. Wrong. I guess faking that amnesia to the extent that she did came in handy, because now she literally has all of the power.

Emily made her public statement condemning Lydia, but she's going to condemn Daniel till the end of his days — or, well, at least until she gets bored of it. Emily won't divorce Daniel, and she's using the fact that she knows he shot her as blackmail. Force her into a divorce and she'll spill the truth. Stay married and stay out of jail. Seems fair, if not super creepy because of the way she kept saying, "I love your son," over and over again. (Because pretending to love someone who doesn't love you and shot you in cold blood is pretty insane even if you're just pretending.) So if Victoria thought she was spiteful before, and Daniel thinks he's spiteful by seeing Sarah behind her back in the show's next episode — they're wrong. They're both just so wrong.

Spite might as well be Emily's middle name at this point, but now it's obvious that she's going to do spiteful so much better than the Graysons ever have and ever could. She's going to stay with Daniel (even though he SHOT her) and she's going to make everyone's lives a living hell by forcing love and marriage down their throats — because they took her future chances for happiness away and now they're going to live in worse misery than she'd already had planned for them. They underestimated her because she was hurt and lacking in the mental department for a minute and now they have to pay. Mostly, it'll be great to watch Daniel think he's hurting someone by having an affair out in the open because he has no idea who he's really dealing with. (C'mon Daniel, you haven't realized yet that Emily doesn't actually love you?) He's basically condemning Sarah to a similar fate by bringing her around — Emily was compassionate towards her before, but after realizing that this family's taken everything from her, Sarah should be worried. There won't be any prisoners from here on out (well, except for Daniel), and that means Revenge is back right where it started — with an angry and hurt girl that's ready to end the lives of the people that took what she loved most.

Emily Thorne's going to out-spite the Hamptons' most spiteful family and it's going to be great to watch. Revenge is officially rising from its ashes, because hell hath no fury like a woman whose been shot by her husband.

Image: ABC