About That Amnesia

It's just not going to be that easy. ABC's Revenge aired its midseason premiere on Sunday night and as you might have already assumed — nothing is going as planned. The episode titled "Homecoming," essentially set viewers up for what they could hope to see going forward from the Graysons and Emily Thorne's revenge team. For an hour that began with Emily, post-honeymoon shooting via Daniel Grayson, laying in a hospital bed with no recollection of who she was and what happened to her, it was packed with small moments that will carry a large weight going forward. But those mini-reveals shed light on a huge problem — if Emily plans to fake her amnesia going forward, it definitely won't work.

So, Nolan was right about an emotional connection being able to return Emily's traumatized mind to proper working order. (See, we always knew he was the real brains of the operation.) Naturally he chose to send Jack (who, as we predicted, was running around all "woe is me" and blaming Emily's shooting on himself for pushing her "deadline") who came armed with a sentimental necklace that Emily got from Amanda on the night she died. And poof — one of Emily's most important memories (if not all of them) are back. Yes, we're talking about her remembering and letting Jack know that none other than her new husband, Daniel Grayson, was her shooter.

That might have been the shortest case of amnesia ever to be seen on television and thankfully so because Revenge would've fallen into chaos the longer Emily had no idea what the hell was going on. Earlier in the episode, in an obvious and indicative moment that Emily and Charlotte WILL have their time this season, there was an emotional moment between the two half-sisters where Emily blurted out that her father was David Clarke. Not really the clear, concise reveal we were hoping for — but we'll take it because it's a start. Of course Charlotte confided this in Jack right away, so he's officially become the holder of two big secrets.

Okay — so now we know that Emily's clearly back to coherence. We also definitely know that she thinks that keeping up the amnesia charade will protect her from the Graysons, Victoria in particular. That's where she's wrong. In fact, she's so incredibly wrong that if she even entertains the notion of trying to pull a fast one by faking memory loss she's going to go down so fast that she won't know what hit her. Because Victoria knows everything — who she is, what she's done, and she's going to make her pay. (Mini-reveal #3.)

The promos for next week's episode show that the Grayson matriarch has essentially abducted Emily and is keeping her hostage at the Manor. Victoria also got hold of Emily's infinity box (thanks to that meddling Patrick who realized that Emily and Aiden have matching infinity tattoos), so all of the secrets are out. See what I mean about amnesia not being effective? Emily can't play harmless and fragile and double as deadly because Victoria knows she's been playing them all along. Also, she no longer has Daniel on her side to protect her — if anything Victoria and Daniel will probably join forces now to destroy her because they're the worst. And she definitely can't put Charlotte in the middle, so this amnesia thing really is just not an option. Daniel was her only guard from Victoria and the only person that would've stopped her from tormenting poor, fragile, mentally unstable Emily Thorne and that security is now long gone.

What Emily really needs is to make her miraculous mental recovery and ship her bullet-filled abdomen over to Nolan's to finish physically recovering. The jig is absolutely up and it's time to move on instead of continuing to play the same old game — Emily needs to be smart enough to know that. She needs to get out and re-evaluate because otherwise there isn't and won't be any hope especially now that her fabulously dressed, drinker-of-the-fountain-of-youth monster-in-law is on to her.

Images: ABC, Tumblr