So, Is White Meat Or Dark Meat Better...?

Oh Turkey Day, that magical time of year when you and your family members pile around a table and have Thanksgiving family "discussions" about the important things in life. Like whether or not to watch football all day (obvious answer: hell yes!), what your current love life looks like (yikes), who you're all voting for president in 2016 (double yikes), whether or not you have enough cheese on your plate (all the cheese is never enough), and of course the biggest debate — is white turkey meat or dark turkey meat better?

I chatted with Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews to finally settle the score. Though Thanksgiving will be "business as usual" when the Packers take on their most storied rival, the Chicago Bears, the long-haired linebacker still knows the importance of a great turkey meal. He'll be celebrating the holiday with his family on Friday and throughout a much-deserved long weekend. So what will be on his plate? Will it be white meat, dark meat, or just the drumsticks?

"A little bit of both is where it's at. It's what I always go for these days."

And let's not forget about the cheese. Since Clay's a Wisconsin resident, I needed to know his favorite cheese dish. We both agreed that you can put cheese on literally anything and make it taste good. But he has a favorite. "Cheesecake is always delicious," he says. And with that, it's almost decided that I could become a Packers fan. Almost.

Clay also knows a thing or two about fitting into extra tight pants, and his recommendation for the best Turkey Day pants is simple. Clay says the best Thanksgiving pants are "ones you can unbutton."

Joe Robbins/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

For more Thanksgiving Day hacks from Clay, check out this PSA he made with P&G about the impending "Turkeypocalypse" aka that time on Thanksgiving when a million dirty dishes threaten to get in the way of watching the game.

Oh, and by the way, I'm totally on team dark meat. Thanksgiving is hardly a time for diplomacy after all.

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