Is Porsha Dating Anyone After 'RHOA'?

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams made headlines earlier this summer when she revealed she had begun dating NFL player Duke Williams after meeting through Instagram (which is much cooler than meeting on Tinder). With the premiere of Season 8 of RHOA, Porsha officially introduced Duke Williams to her friends and family, though they didn't seem to be impressed by the Buffalo Bills player Porsha claimed to be her "trophy man." However, in September Porsha announced that she and Duke broke up. But, is Porsha dating anyone new now?

All sign point to "no." The 34-year-old went public with her relationship to the 24-year-old football player in July, and after a few months announced their split on Dish Nation, explaining that the distance of living in different cities was a strain on the relationship — sad, but totally understandable. Still, the former-couple's relationship will be featured this season, with RHOA possibly showing Porsha and Duke's breakup. But since their relationship ended, it seems Porsha is staying single and focusing on other aspects of her life, like her work, and launching her own lingerie line. The RHOA star is also spending time with friends and family, celebrating all the things that matter in life.

She Launched Naked Lingerie

On RHOA season 8, the Naked Lingerie line — titled similarly to Porsha's hair product line, Naked Hair — may still be upcoming, but Porsha has been busy these past few months launching her line and website. She even posed in some of the lingerie to promote its launch earlier in November. Even if she isn't dating anyone at the moment, she can still flaunt her sexy lingerie. Get it, girl.

She Celebrated Her Niece's Birthday

Porsha has been spending time with her adorable family lately, celebrating her niece's fifth birthday (who's rocking a pretty great tutu, if I do say so myself) and heading to New York with her sister, snapping a great selfie along the way.

She Walked in Million Man March

This year was the 20th anniversary of the first Million Man March, in which Porsha participated with fellow RHOA stars Sheree Whitfield and Phaedra Parks, taking the time to pose for photos with other people at the march.

She Admitted to Being a #FoodDigger

And there's nothing wrong with that. Sometimes the food is the best part of a date, and sometimes it's the only good part of a date. If anyone is still wondering whether Porsha has a new beau, this jokey photo seems to give a pretty significant hint that she's not looking for a new BF, but maybe some tasty snacks: