7 Easy Steps For Mermaid-Inspired Hair

Don't ditch your beachy waves this winter. Keep this summer hairstyle going all year round by mastering mermaid-inspired hair. This simple, easy-to-do hairstyle looks beautiful on almost all hair types, and just takes a few minutes to achieve. Whether you have naturally curly or super straight hair, these trick can work for anyone and everyone. Wondering what makes this hairstyle so different? Mermaid-style waves differ from typical curls as they are usually more loose and textured. The ends are straightened, and the strands are tousled. Think of mermaid waves as a more defined bedhead style. It's the upgraded version of #IWokeUpLikeThis.

It's no wonder that everyone from beauty bloggers to beach babes loves this look, really. It's an effortless, cool girl hairstyle that is Disney princess approved. Channel your inner Ariel by creating edgy, messy waves. It's an easy way to get out the door fast, while still looking fabulous. While we all may be daydreaming about a day at the beach (thanks, winter), no sun or sand is required for this hairstyle. Just a few simple tricks will have your hair looking flawless in no time. Here are seven easy steps to create mermaid-inspired waves without heading to the beach.

1. Start Off With The Right Base

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According to DailyMakeover, washed hair doesn't hold a curl was well as dirty hair. When it comes to creating mermaid-inspired waves, the looser the curl the better. Shampoo and condition your hair before styling to have fresh, loose waves.

2. Add Some Texture

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Give your hair a bit of grip and texture post-shower by using a volumizing mousse. I love this one from Schwarzkopf as is gives the hair loads of bounce and texture. Apply to the strands of your hair, and comb through with a wide tooth comb, so that it's evenly distributed.

3. Choose The Right Iron For You

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The bigger the barrel, the bigger your waves will be, according to If you want big, loose looking waves, then aim for irons that are either 1.50 inches or 1.75 inches. If you have shorter hair, this irons may be too big for your hairstyle. Opt for 3/4 to 1 inch irons to achieve luscious, mermaid-inspired waves instead.

4. Leave Your Ends Out

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Refinery 29 suggested to leave out the ends of your hair in order to achieve that beach-inspired look. This will leave the waves looking longer, and less perfected.

5. Pin In Place

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If you're looking to keep your waves intact all day long, then try pinning each curl after you release it from the iron. This way the curl will cool in it's shape giving a longer shelf life, according to Cosmopolitan.

6. Go Wild

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After your curls have cooled, feel free to pull, shake, or brush your curls. stated that this will loosen the look of the waves even further leaving you with even messier hairstyle.

7. Finish With Spray/Wax

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Set your mermaid waves with a bit of sea salt hair spray. stated that the spray will had even more texture to your hair, while keeping your curls in place.

Now, go rock your mermaid worthy hair. It's the easiest way to keep your summer style all year round.

Images: Pexels (1); Courtesy Brands