Joseph Gordon-Levitt Has Serious Lip Sync Skills

I'll be honest with you: I've had a crush on Joseph Gordon-Levitt ever since I saw Angels In The Outfield as a kid. Then I kind of forgot about him, but then my crush picked up again when I saw 500 Days Of Summer, and it's been hanging around ever since. That's why I get excited whenever he does, well, anything, and Gordon-Levitt's upcoming appearance on Lip Sync Battle has kinda sent me over the crushing edge. Not only are his performance skills impressive, but his song choice — Usher's "Yeah!" — is high energy and basically the most perfect thing I've seen all week.

Gordon-Levitt's episode of Lip Sync Battle won't air until Thursday, November 19, but we're lucky enough to have been given a preview of the amazingness to come. Not only does he do Usher's part ridiculously well, but he also gives an impressive rendition of Lil Jon's verse. How Anthony Mackie's version of "I Kissed A Girl" can hold a candle to this is beyond me, but we'll have to wait until the episode airs to actually find out who comes out on top. My money is on Gordon-Levitt, but then, of course it would be.

Those Dance Moves

I mean, who knew that Gordon-Levitt had it in him? He's s into it! The air fist pump is a total classic and he definitely carries it off. I bet he's an absolute blast on the dance floor at the club.

That Finger Point

When someone points their finger at you, you know they're serious. Gordon-Levitt is really feeling the message behind the song and he's here to let you know about it. I'm a little intimidated (and vaguely turned on).

Whatever Seth Rogen Is Doing

I'm not quite sure why Seth Rogen is there, why he's wearing a Santa outfit, and why he's so amused by Gordon-Levitt's performance, but why not?

The Intensity

I mean, I'm almost a little bit intimidated at this point. Gordon-Levitt is getting totally into it and really selling this performance. There's no way he's not coming out on top as the winner.

Basically, this is going to be one of the best lip sync battles ever. If you want to get excited for the Gordon-Levitt's performance, have a look at the preview clip below:

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