These JGL GIFs Will Give You Lots Of Feels

Ever since the early days of Angels in the Outfield and 3rd Rock From the Sun, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been my ultimate crush. He said the sweetest things in 10 Things I Hate About You, made me nervous with near-death experiences in grittier films like Mysterious Skin and Brick, had me dancing and crying in (500) Days of Summer, got me freaking out out in both Inception and 50/50, and feeling myriad of other emotions from on and off-screen performances through the years.

On Tuesday, he turns 34, so it makes sense to round up all of the emotions he makes us feel, ranging from totally swooning to being absolutely terrified. I chose not to talk about the fact that he's married to Tasha McCauley and instead focus on the more important things, like how he did a Magic Mike routine on Saturday Night Live and lip-synched "Superbass" on The Tonight Show . There could be a whole section just on Joseph Gordon-Levitt singing and dancing, actually, plus another on how he looks really sexy in glasses, and a final one about him being shirtless in Don Jon. But instead, I'll just loop(er) 'em all together for 34 feelings and emotions JGL gives us as we celebrate his birthday.

Endlessly Happy

That smile.

A Little Hot Under The Collar

Take it off.

Even Warmer

Fancy meeting you here.

Too Hot To Handle

I'm going to need a minute.


Those moves, though.


Pretending not to be upset over the ending of (500) Days of Summer still.


Typical Saturday night.

A Little Embarrassed

Airing everyone's dirty laundry.


Anything you say, JGL.


Emily Blunt is married to John Krasinski and got to make out with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


All the kids are saying that these days.


Iron Man.


You OK? Why are you so bloody?


Watch out, JGL!


Glasses just do it for me.


But also still swooning.

Feeling Old

But nostalgic, because this is adorable.

Like, Really Old

The first photo was from 20 years ago. Two decades!


We can duet anytime.

Needing To Dance

Feelin' footloose.


Please host your own show all day, every day.

Like I Need A Minute

Jaw on the floor.


Gets me every time.

In Love

The sweetest ever.

Secondhand Anger

Don't go breakin' his heart.

Beard Loving

No, that's not a feeling, but um, yes. That beard.


Also see: too excited to handle.

A Little Conflicted

That hair...

Straight-Up Confused

Still so attracted.

Kristen Stewart-y

A.k.a. biting your lip from all the charm.

I Believe I Can Fly

Dreaming big.


Dreamy sigh.

Super Amazing

All about that bass.

Needing More

We can never get enough, can we?

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