Is sweater weather your favorite? Do you look forward to it all year? Are you into being warm and stylish? This season's newest nail art trend, sweater nails, is here for you. The trend was purportedly started via Instagram and spread in popularity via the hashtag #SweaterNails. Ugly sweater nail designs gained popularity a few years ago, but cable knit sweater nails have a more three dimensional effect. You can make them actually look cable knit! You can give them pearl stitches; as a former knitter, I can't even tell you how hard knitting and pearling was to learn! You can match them to your favorite sweaters!

It's easy to alternate color and textures with this trend. For example, many people are creating fuzzy sweater nails looks by using flocking powder. Additionally, they are super easy to copy and make your own designs, either using 3D gel or regular polish.

Whether using the pattern as an accent or a full-blown manicure, In almost no time your nails will be feeling as warm and cozy as you are in your favorite knits. Here's how you can recreate and design your own, but if you're not a professional you may want to try one nail before ten!

1. Hydrate & Prep

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Hydrate, clean, and prep your nails. This is a vital step to having healthy looking nails. It's also that part where the manicurist takes those metal pliers and rips off all your dead skin. Fun, huh?

2. Put On A Base

JINsoon Power Coat, $18, Sephora

If you want your nails to last forever then use a base coat. It's like liquid foundation for your nails and will make sure that your nails aren't brittle and that the polish you want won't immediately chip.

3. Layer!

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Layering is as important for the nail painting process as it is for Winter fashion. Apply two coats of whatever color your sweater is. Allow drying time in between and after.

4. Use A Dotting Tool

Take a dotting tool — knitting needles? — and create figure eights down the middle of your nail. This will create a cable pattern.

5. Design Your Heart Out

Draw lines and separate stitches down the sides for a look that is more three-dimensional and truer to form. Trust me on this one, folks.

6. "They Call It Cashmere"

For a cashmere matte look, skip the top coat. Make sure to mix it up!

7. Brag Via Social Media

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Because Obviously

6. Let Dry, Buy A Latte, & Take Some #NailSelfies

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