11 Times Seth Cohen Was You During Winter

I may have grown up on the often-chilly east coast, but if there's one thing that I can no longer handle as a new west coast-er, it's the cold. Sorry, cold weather enthusiasts, but while I may love the holiday season, I much prefer it when it doesn't dip below a brisk 50 degrees and a light jacket is the only requirement for layers. Fortunately, I know that I am not alone in having winter bring out the dark side in me, aka getting very snippy when asked to walk a few blocks in the frigid air. If there's one television character who taught me that it was OK to fear undesirable weather conditions, it was The O.C. 's Seth Cohen, who would rather confine himself indoors than deal with rain, snow, or anything decidedly un-Californian.

Seth may have been particularly troubled by rain, but let's be real: this born and bred Californian definitely could not handle the lack of sunshine that comes with an East Coast winter. Coupled with Seth's undying sarcasm, you just know that this guy would have plenty to say when the weather dipped to a troubling 15 degrees. (Heck, even his girlfriend's name was Summer!) Seth's often-biting quotes prove that this guy just got you when it came to hellish winter weather.

Here are all the times that Seth was basically you in the winter:

1. When People Tell You That They're So Excited For Winter... In Summer

You know what was great? Summer! Summer was wonderful.

2. When You Come In After Running Errands In The Cold & Your Skin Is Red & Blotchy

The struggle is real. And warming up usually just means being itchy for a few minutes while you adjust to the temperature change. Seriously, you cannot win.

3. When Your Roommate Asks If You Want To Go For A "Snow Jog"

You mean like, running in the snow? Outside? Where it's freezing. This look says "no way in hell."

4. When Your Friends Are Outside In The Cold & Beckon You To Join Them

But there's food inside, and human beings aren't supposed to be able to exist in the conditions outside.

5. When Your Roommate Asks You To Help Shovel

Ummmm... you're not really the shoveling type. Aren't there neighborhood kids who do that, like in the movies?

6. When You Hear A Huge Snow Storm Is Going To Hit

Day off of work? Awesome! Potentially losing power and therefore the ability to stream Netflix? Not so awesome.

7. When You Complain About Being Cold & Your Friend Asks Why You Didn't Dress Warmer

A better friend would loan you their scarf.

8. When Someone Asks You To Go On A Mid-Winter Tropical Vacation

Your bank account might hate you for it, but your frozen body will thank you.

9. When You're The Only One At A Party Wearing A Million Layers Because You Walked & It Was Freezing

Everyone else is in cocktail dresses and heels, and you're in Uggs wearing tights underneath your jeans. Great.

10. When Someone Asks You To A Tree-Lighting Ceremony

So much time outdoors, with so little payoff.

11. When You Can't Stop Sneezing At The Office Because Of Your Winter-Induced Cold

You're not sure you're crazy about "Sniffles" as your new work nickname. Ugh. Winter is so hard.

Don't worry, winterphobes: Seth totally gets your hatred for the chill.

Images: Giphy (9); Rebloggy; Frangipaniprincess