Mr. March Met The Countess On 'AHS'

With all of the insane characters traipsing through the Hotel Cortez on American Horror Story: Hotel , it's tough to make heads or tails about who knows who. Also, because Ryan Murphy's vampires come from all different years in history, it's also difficult to know when they actually know each other from. Turns out Lady Gaga's character, Elizabeth, and Evan Peters' Mr. March met way back when.

We got a look at Elizabeth circa 1925 during Wednesday's episode. She was a brunette, working as a movie extra and having threesomes with Rudolph Valentino and his wife. Because, of course. After finding out at an event (held at the Hotel Cortez) that Rudolph had died, she lost her marbles in a fit of grief and attempted to throw herself out of the hotel window. Luckily, Mr. March came to the rescue like a mustachioed superhero. He pretty much immediately fell for her and they ended up getting hitched. Elizabeth seemed to be more into the marriage for the financial stability it brought her but she also mentioned that she is somewhat drawn to "the darkness" she saw in him.

She confirmed that she was into some darkness when we saw their rough (lots of choking) sexual escapades and later saw a scene of her actually condoning, nay encouraging his murderous instincts. Elizabeth walked in on her new husband chopping up a dead hobo in the bathtub. He actually seemed to care that she appears to "disapprove" of this, but Elizabeth did what any good wife would do (not): She encouraged her husband's hobbies. She told him she only disapproved because he needed to start offing more profitable victims and then seductively whispered into his ear, "and next time let me watch."


Images: Prashant Gupta/FX