Stages Of Accepting Harry Styles' Future Haircut

As most humans likely know by now, Harry Styles is cutting his hair. (Cue the screams and mournful wails of fangirls everywhere.) As Teen Vogue reported, the singer/songwriter/angel from One Direction told Prince Harry on the release day of Made In The A.M. that while he's "not planning on it right now," he's definitely considering chopping off those luscious strands for charity sometime soon. While Styles' hair has been evolving since One Direction was founded (and every look has been equally dreamy, IMO), a full haircut will undoubtedly be an emotional adjustment for his many aficionados, myself included.

Much of Styles's 'dos to date have been rather similar to one another. However, when he grew his cute crop of hair to a long mane, I did have my reservations at first. It was kind of a lot to get used to, yet I gradually found myself obsessed with his long locks. Now that he's planning to chop them off, well, I cannot help but wonder how this transition will affect my life and the lives of the mass population.

Personally, I have a lot of feelings (and a lot of fears) for the months ahead. So here are the emotional stages I (and likely every other diehard fan) have been enduring since discovering Styles would be cutting it all off.

1. Utter Shock

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When I first saw the headlines loudly announcing that Styles would be chopping off his locks, I panicked. A cold sweat overtook me as I scrambled to process this very startling piece of information. Was this true? How could this be true? No, this must be speculation. Mere speculation...

2. Tragic Realization

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After doing a little research involving "Harry Styles cutting his hair," I was shocked to see that it was in fact true. Why on Earth would Styles sacrifice what is arguably one of the most important international treasures since the Declaration Of Independence? Why must the world be so cruel?

3. Slight Relief

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OK, so it's not as bad as I thought. Harry's hair isn't in immediate danger, since he told Prince Harry he'd be cutting it "eventually." He probably hasn't even made the appointment with his hairdresser yet. Styles might even grow it out a couple more inches before the cut. We've got time, right?

4. Fanperson Pride

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What am I thinking? Harry Styles is one of the sweetest people on this planet. And if cutting all his hair off means he will help others in need, then he's obviously going to do it in heartbeat. This is Harry Styles we're talking about! The Harry Styles who loves kittens and his mother. The Harry Styles hellbent on being the best ally he can possibly be to the queer community. The Harry Styles who couldn't help but cry at the sight of sick children in need of medicine and vaccinations in Africa.

But... What does that mean for the future?

5. Fear For The Future

And what will this mean for the future of One Direction? Will his new short hair be the last straw for the band? After Zayn Malik tragically departed from the boys in March, 1D just hasn't been the same. Can they afford to go through another major change? With a hiatus on the horizon (which many of us are petrified is codeword for "the band is breaking up soon"), what if Styles' short and potentially less sexy hair is the breaking point? What if it sends them over the edge?!

6. Back To Reality

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OK, I may have overreacted there. In hindsight, this haircut will probably be no big deal. I mean, let's face it: Harry Styles would look hella cute rocking a short 'do with shaved sides (a very of-the-moment look for hot boys). What can one haircut really do when the band is already changed forever?

7. Acceptance

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Harry Styles will (and should) ultimately do what he wants with his hair. After all, it is his body. I remember when rumors circulated at the beginning of 1D's career about Styles being restricted from altering his hair too much, so it seems really great and liberating to me that he now feels confident and able to make the decision to drastically alter his appearance.

More power to you, Harry. Even if I'm still a little terrified, I can't wait to see what you'll look like in this new era.