Style a Dress Over Pants Like Emma Watson

For the 2014 Golden Globes, Emma Watson single-handedly proved that the dress over pants trend is here to stay. If you've been too afraid to try it out yourself, now's your chance. Not only does it look super-chic (when styled correctly), but it's also the perfect opportunity to incorporate some of your favorite summer dresses while staying warm this bitter winter. We totally understand, however, that it is a daunting combination that can sometimes result in frumpiness. But, with these simple tips on how to properly layer a dress over pants, you, too, can look as elegant as Watson.


Aneasy way to try out the dress + pants trend is by wearing all one color. Think about dipping your toes in with all black: Pair your favorite LBD with some black skinnies and a pair of black pumps for seamless elegance.


Everyone's doing it: the "tuck." Whether it's a cotton v-neck or a silky blouse, a simple way fashionistas are styling their boring old top is by tucking it in the front of their pants, letting the back loosely behind. Why not do the same with a dress? Of course, this doesn't work with all cuts. Longer ones might bunch, but dresses in the high-low style are perfect for styling tucked in and over a pair of pants. This creates a beautiful, flowy silhouette, too.


The idea of layering another piece of clothing over a dress over pants may sound like too much, but it actually creates an excellent layered outfit. Try layering a long coat over a dress of similar length or a cropped chunky turtleneck. Both will give unexpected volume to your outfit that's both playful and stylish.


Time to bust out all those mini dresses you've been storing for summer. Here's the perfect excuse to give them a whirl in the wintertime. Mini dresses are the same length as your oversized tees and blouses, so style them the same way you would a longer top — over a pair of boyfriend jeans and strappy sandal heels or leather leggings and chunky booties.


While shorter dresses totally work, maxi dresses over pants are a match made in layering heaven. Try wearing a sheer boho maxi dress over your favorite pair of skinny jeans or pants. Layer a knit scarf or snood over it to make the outfit feel more wintery.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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