Sephora Is Completely Revamping Its Stores

Fans of online makeup tutorials, rejoice: Sephora is launching a new store in San Francisco that will serve as the new model for all locations, Racked reports. The new store will be the first to boast the new Sephora Beauty TIP—Teach, Inspire, Play— Workshop. Twelve individual stations, each equipped with an iPad, USB ports, and WiFi, will allow visitors to access Sephora's existing Skin IQ, Fragrance IQ, and Color IQ technologies, in addition to digital beauty workshops. Am I overreacting when I say this is the best marriage of makeup and technology since the invention of YouTube beauty tutorials?

Calvin McDonald, CEO of Sephora Americas, told WWD “When a client comes in and experiences Teach, Inspire, Play, she’s going to experience it on her own, she’s going to experience it through cast members, and she’s going to experience it through technology, and that’s where we really see our differentiator being and how we’re going to continue to innovate.”

But the good news doesn't stop there: McDonald sees a future for Sephora in hair, with stations similar to the Beauty TIP makeup stations where — with the assistance of employees — consumers can test tools such as hair dryers and curling irons. He also hints at the possibility of a hair studio down the line. "In the future, would we see a hair studio? Potentially one day," he said.

The first Sephora Beauty TIP Workshop opens in San Francisco on Nov, 20, and if you're in Boston, keep an eye on the Prudential Garden store: it's the next in line for the redesign, coming this February.

Sephora won me over when the Color IQ tech instantly solved the decade-long struggle I had with finding a foundation to match my skin tone, so I'm stoked to see that they're moving forward with technology. In addition to offering classes in-store, the brand hosts an impressive collection of video tutorials on its website. Until the redesign hits a store near me, I'll be keeping an eye on the advice the experts at Sephora have to offer.

Here are some of my favorites:

1. 5 Steps To A Bold, Dramatic Brow

I know from experience that bold brows easily become full-forehead brows.

2. Identify Your Face Shape To Contour

It's handy to know your face shape, especially if you're into the contouring trend.

3. Apply And Maintain False Lashes

Critical for your New Year's Party.

4. The Liquid Eyeliner Tutorial

Liquid eyeliner is the worst.

5. A Perfect Smoky Eye in Under One Minute

Anybody that can do a smoky eye in under a minute is a master, in my opinion.

6. Essential Eyeliner Techniques: Defined, Winged or Smoky

I love how Sephora really hits on the essentials. Stuff like this is super important and would have prevented the raccoon-eyed disaster that was my 6th grade homecoming look.

7. Sephora Presents Universally Flattering Beauty Products

Full of great information if you're the friend everybody and their mother turns to for their event makeup.

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