Juliana Stands Out From The Men Of 'High Castle'

The new Amazon series The Man in the High Castle is the streaming service's newest venture into original content by means of alternative history. The show asks "What if the Axis powers won World War II?" The answer is a world we don't know, but learn about through the main characters' individual journeys. For Juliana, that journey takes her from San Francisco to Colorado, a neutral state. Juliana is The Man in the High Castle 's strong female lead, and now, she's following her sister's lead, which is to complete a mission for the resistance. Throughout the pilot, it becomes obvious that Juliana is fiercely independent and perseverant.

There aren't many leading women in The Man in the High Castle. In the pilot episode, there's Juliana, her sister Trudy, and a few other female characters that make appearances here or there, but don't lead the show. However, though the show lacks a lot of female characters, the ones that are featured on the show are strong. Although Juliana's sister, Trudy, is killed in the pilot episode for being apart of the resistance, she is one of the few characters in the show who is standing for what she believes in. After she is killed, Juliana steps in and decides to complete the mission her sister began.

Juliana's decision causes her to leave a lot behind, starting with an entire life she's seemingly happy with. Juliana ends things with her fiancee Frank, who doesn't believe in or support the mission (in fact, he wants Juliana to turn in the film her sister gave her to the police). In the moment, it seems to be a rather brash decision, since Juliana doesn't know who she is meeting or what she is getting herself into. But, it proves that determination is running through her veins.

Juliana also goes against the odds on her excursion, putting herself at risk throughout the entire journey across the country. She doesn't know what she is doing or who she is getting involved with, but she does it. She's fearless and faces danger at every turn, something that her counterpart, Frank, decided against.

It's important that The Man in the High Castle promotes strong, independent women. There aren't a lot of women in power, due to the climate of this 1962 Nazi-led country, but those that are shown stand up for what they believe in. It will be a interesting to see how Juliana's character grows throughout the season, but one thing is known for sure, she's going to continue to be a badass.

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