Shop Like Kendall Jenner At... Forever 21?

On a recent trip to the Land Down Under, Kendall Jenner rocked a trench coat, white turtleneck, and black skirt combo, but this time something was different. While she looked very nice and put together as usual, an unexpected turn in events caught my attention: the trench coat is a totally affordable piece from Forever 21. As a fashion and beauty writer, I see a lot of hopelessly glamorous ensembles on celebrities that I know are also hopelessly out of my not-so-glamorous price point, which is mostly limited to cheap consignment (it's good for the earth and my wallet).

Though while Jenner is no stranger to pricy designer clothing, she has been involved in several high-profile retail collaborations this year, starring as the face of H&M's collaboration with Balmain that sold out within days, and let's not forget that she walked the runway in the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and designed her own range for Topshop with sister Kylie. So, though I'm kind of surprised she owns a trench from Forever 21, I'm also kind of not.

The coat in question is a snazzy piece in and of itself. Unlike most trench coats, which are structured garments, this one has an open front, and hangs around the body rather than nipping in at the waist. Take a looksie:

If Jenner already owns one piece from Forever 21, who's to say she won't show up in another down the road? Here are some pieces I'd be willing to bet she'd slay in, whether on the red carpet or walking down the street — or that you can shop to get that Jenner look on the cheap.

1. Sheer Mesh Jumpsuit

Sheer Mesh Jumpsuit, $24.90,

A fan of jumpsuits, Jenner would rock the sheer mesh and plunging neckline of this jumpsuit.

2. Daring Hi-Low Dress

Daring Hi-Low Dress, $14.99,

A bandeau top and hi-low skirt like this would fit right into Jenner's wardrobe (which admittedly already includes a plethora of bandeau tops and hi-low skirts).

3. Open-Back Halter Jumpsuit

Open-Back Halter Jumpsuit, $27.90,

OK, I know this is the second jumpsuit on the list, but if that isn't one of the most Kardashian clan-esque things you've ever seen, I'll eat my foot.

4. Velveteen V-Neck Romper

Velveteen V-Neck Romper, $8.00,

So many trends, so little time.

5. Cutout Crop Top

Cutout Crop Top, $22.90,

When I first started compiling this list, I was concerned that I wouldn't find enough Jenner-esque pieces to include. Obviously I was wrong.

6. Origami Skirt

Origami Skirt, $22.90,

It's like she curated half the collection.

7. Mesh-Paneled Bodycon Dress

Ribbed Bodycon Midi Skirt, $10.90,

I checked to see if there was a collaboration between Jenner and Forever21 that I was embarrassingly unaware of. There isn't. But there should be.

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Images: Courtesy Brands