There May Be More To 'Jessica Jones' Ending

If you watched all of Jessica Jones is one sitting when it hit Netflix on Friday morning (and really, how could you not?), you witnessed the terrifying rise of Kilgrave in just a few hours. Spoilers for all of Jessica Jones Season 1 ahead. The villain's role grew rapidly throughout the season, going from a ghost of Jessica's past to her present worst nightmare. After some chilling interactions, good finally overcame evil when Jessica killed Kilgrave in Jessica Jones' season finale. But considering how far back their history goes, it seems unlikely their their battle is truly over. Is Kilgrave really dead or could he come back if Jessica Jones does?

As much as I want Jessica to have truly defeated the man who so brutally terrorized her, Kilgrave is much more likely to be alive than dead. I know, I know, we all saw (and heard) Jessica break his neck in the season finale, "AKA Smile," but that doesn't mean he was truly dead. If Kilgrave proved anything through his many terrifying actions, it's that you should not underestimate him and that he will do anything to be with Jessica — maybe even overcome death. Here are the best pieces of evidence I could find, Alias Investigations-style, that suggest Jessica Jones hasn't seen the last of Kilgrave.

He's Overcome "Death" Before

When Jessica Jones begins, the former superhero believes Kilgrave to be dead, following the bus crash that plays a significant role in her story. She left him at the scene of the accident and later saw his death certificate, which is why she was so shocked to find that he was still alive and controlling another woman. If Kilgrave could escape one near-death situation without anyone knowing, who says he can't do it again?

He Became The Purple Man

In Marvel Comics, Zebidiah Killgrave is also known as Purple Man, whose skin tone matches his name. Towards the end of Jessica Jones, Kilgrave forces his scientist father to help increase his mind control powers, and after he does, Kilgrave begins to turn a bit purple. He's later able to control the minds of an entire hospital through a video, which means it worked, and he's more powerful than ever. If Kilgrave survived the bus crash at his normal strength, he surely could've survived a broken neck while at his strongest — we hadn't even seen the full extent of his new powers before Jessica took him down.

Jessica Still Defeated Him

If Jessica Jones is renewed for a second season, it could bring Kilgrave back without diminishing Jessica's victory over him. What really matters is that she realized Kilgrave cannot control her anymore, helping her to both fight him more effectively and overcome the traumas he inflicted on her. Even if he survived what was set up as her killing blow, Jessica is the ultimate victor in their battle.

Marvel Comics Set A Precedent

Though this wasn't seen on the Netflix series, Purple Man possesses accelerated healing in the comics, which has helped him survive what seemed like death. Perhaps Kilgrave also possessed this power, but Jessica and her allies just weren't aware of it. His neck could have healed just hours after Jessica left him by the docks in the season finale.

There May Be Another Way To Stop Him

Before he was forced to help the villain, Kilgrave's father was trying to create a vaccine that would protect others from his powers. Albert had revealed to Jessica that his son's powers worked as a virus, so if those around him were inoculated against it, he would not be able to control them. His first attempt at a vaccine was unsuccessful, but I don't think that virus information was simply a red herring. Jessica Jones has given its heroes a way to stop Kilgrave for good — without killing him — and that wasn't an accident. I have a feeling that if Jessica, Trish, Luke, and everyone else return for another season, they'll be facing a very familiar enemy.

Images: Myles Aronowitz/Netflix; Giphy (3); zebediahkilgrave/Tumblr