12 Things That Happen During The Holidays When You're Part Of A Small Family

There is always this image of large families gathering around a decked-out Christmas tree during the holidays, sipping on eggnog and soaking up good cheer. I’m sure that’s the case for some families, but from experience I have to say I think small family holiday celebrations are the best. You still get to be extra festive and bask in the company of your loved ones, but it’s way more relaxing than it is chaotic.

My family is extremely tiny. I am an only child, my dad is an only child, and we aren’t very close with relatives on my mother’s side. It’s typically just been the three of us during the holidays, and we always have a blast. Now that I'm married, my holiday crew has grown slightly in numbers, but whether we're all together in the same place at Christmas, or celebrating separately at home, Christmas for me has always included just a small number of humans, and I just like it better that way.

It might seem less exciting than celebrating with a huge, bustling crowd, but you would be wrong. Here are all the awesome things you can expect when a small family comes together to celebrate Christmas.

1. Relaxation is priority number one

With a small group, there's less to do and fewer people to entertain, which makes it the perfect setting for some serious R&R.

2. A feast for 10 is still prepared

In my experience, small families don't really know how to make a small holiday feast. And that's what's so wonderful about being in a small family. A ridiculously large meal is still prepared, and the leftovers last for days.

3. Inside jokes are made

You spend all that time with just a few people, and someone is bound to do something embarrassing, hilarious, or both. Those moments are turned into cherished memories for all involved.

4. Gift recipients are wonderfully spoiled

You don't need to be a wealthy small family to shower each other with a pile of stellar new toys. And since there are fewer people to buy for, the gifts are just that much better.

5. Unique traditions are formed

It's easier with a larger group to adhere to the classic traditions of a holiday, because all involved are familiar with said traditions already. But when you're a tiny crew, you tend to make up your own traditions, ones that you secretly share within your small group and will carry on forever.

6. Naps are in abundance

You're not being rude if you excuse yourself to take a snooze, because most likely, the other one or two people would very much like to do the same.

7. The dress code is "as cozy as possible"

As party numbers get smaller, the dress code gets increasingly less formal. My family remains in pajamas all day, because why get all gussied up when we don't have guests to impress?

8. Snacking is constant

No outsider guests means there's more for you, so you can eat or drink anything you darn well please. Cheers.

9. There is significantly less drama

It's harder to get into an argument with someone when it's just two or three of you. A smaller number of people makes it harder to fight, because you're stuck with the few people you're celebrating with, so you might as well all get along.

10. Alone time is freely available

Go take a break and have a one-minute dance party by yourself if you're so inclined. There's still plenty of time to make memories with your loved ones, so feel free to go hang by yourself whenever you need to.

11. Sharing is optional

You don't need to share anything if there's more than enough presents, food, and booze to cover your small holiday party. I know it's the holidays and blah blah blah, but it's always more fun not sharing than sharing, right?

12. Bonds are strengthened

By the end of the holiday festivities, you will be much closer to these people than you were before. And isn't that really what Christmas is all about?

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