'SNL' Proves Adele's "Hello" Can Fix Anything

We all know that listening to Adele is the best medicine when dealing with a rough break-up — but the Saturday Night Live "Hello" sketch showed that her tunes can fix literally anything. The sketch opened with a family Thanksgiving dinner that probably looked painfully familiar to many of us. It mainly consisted of arguing about politics and fruitlessly trying to explain acceptance to relatives who are just not having it. There was plenty of interrupting, verbal sparring, and all that joyful Thanksgiving stuff. Luckily, this particular family had a super smart Adele fan in their midst — proving that sometimes the children in the family are the wisest ones in the room.

Every time the family members were about to come to blows, the mini Adele fan would turn on "Hello" — and not only did it bring the hostile arguing to a screeching halt, but the song also united the family as they came together to belt out the lyrics to the best song of the year. So, for those of you who are having some anxiety about the upcoming holiday, I strongly suggest having a recording of "Hello" handy — it'll literally fix everything, and it will give you an excuse to listen to the song a few more times.

Regardless of our age, religion, or political views, we can all agree on one thing — Adele is perfect. So this Thanksgiving, let's all remember to be grateful for the amazing songstress.

Watch the full video below: