The New Miley Cyrus Video Is A Trip

There are some celebrity truths universally acknowledged: Taylor Swift loves her cats — a lot. Zac Efron is a genetically engineered Adonis. And Miley Cyrus, the former Disney pop-princess darling, really, really loves weed. Whether it's lighting up with Snoop Dogg at the 2015 VMAS or filling her Instagrams with smoke-filled videos, Cyrus isn't shy about her favorite pasttime. And in Cyrus' new "Lighter" music video, the singer takes it one step further by giving viewers a peak inside her psychedelic, kaleidoscope-colored brain. Unsurprisingly, the results are a total trip.

The video for "Lighter," a song from her recent Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz album, shows Miley-bird in her natural environment. She spends the video in various states of undress in a candy-colored nirvana, smoking and dancing. Directed by Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips, the clip uses a rhythmic kaleidoscope of colors to transport viewers from drab reality to the craziness of Mileyworld. It put me into such a state that I found myself muttering to myself and was transfixed the entire time. I even made up my own Miley-themed song:

Glitter on eyelids and Pablo the BlowfishBright blonde extensions and half-naked womenCouture outfits held up with stringsThese are a few of Miley's favorite things.

Yes, I made up a song about Miley to the tune of "My Favorite Things" — that's just how powerful this music video is. It does things to people, OK? Here are some of the other thoughts I had while watching the "Lighter" vid:

1. No fuss, no intro, Cyrus is jumping right into this thing.

2. I probably could use come context but hey, it's Miley, so no real context needed.

4. Miley trademark alert — there's glitter eyeshadow and red lipstick in this video.

5. Holy crud, there's two of her!

6. I am experiencing some major brain overload.

7. Wait, hold the phone. Is this a Hannah Montana reference?

8. You are the best of both worlds, Miley.

9. Miley's hair makes her look like a giant bald baby or a tiny ice dancer — I can't decide.

10. What was that? Was that a Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight" drum solo?

11. There it is again.

12. A drum solo + a hooded bathrobe = color me intrigued.

13. This kaleidoscope is making me car sick, or should I say Internet sick?

14. A closeup of Miley's mouth and no tongue acrobatics? I'm really disappointed right now.

15. Ah, there's the context for the video — it's drugs. This entire video is about drugs.

16. When the two Miley heads sing, it makes my head hurt and then it freaks me out.

17. She's like a rainbow-colored Siamese twin.

18. Those are some Adele-inspired hand motions right there.

19. The bathrobe is back with some slo-mo dance moves.

20. I can't tell if it's the kaleidoscope of colors, but I think Ms. Miley is wearing her bathrobe backward.

21. OK, either the bathrobe is on backward or she's gotten really into yoga.

22. I am not a fan of this bird movement she keeps making. Is she trying to make Mileybird happen again?

23. Stop trying to make Mileybird happen, Miley. It's never gonna happen.24. Geesh, this video makes me feel like I have stepped into a funhouse.

25. But not a fun funhouse, more like a trapped-and can't-get-out funhouse.

26. I feel like this trip is turning bad.

27. Oh, yeah. I have entered a bad mind-space.

28. Now she keeps doing that bird motion.

29. Can someone please tell me if that bathrobe is on backward? I need to know and it is adding to my anxiety.

30. Oh, thank goodness. The kaleidoscope is slowing.

31. It's over. That's it. I feel kinda sad about this.

32. I should watch this again. If I dare.

So that's it, my feelings for Cyrus' new video. Part anxiety, part confusion — basically how I always feel when I watch Cyrus perform. Check out the video for yourself and see where it takes you.