3 Signs Alek Skarlatos & Emma Slater Are Dating, Even Though The 'Dancing With The Stars' Couple Denies It

On television, sometimes you just have to give the people what they want. And, for Season 21 of Dancing With The Stars, it’s clear what the fans want — Alek Skarlatos and Emma Slater to start dating, get married with Bruno Tonioli as the officiant, and have lots and lots of dancing babies together. I know it’s not just me. Perhaps to cause speculation or perhaps maybe just to not interfere with the competition (or both), Alek and Emma have denied that they’re dating, but it’s totally (probably) a big fat lie. I mean, there are so many signs that Emma Slater and Alek Skarlatos are totally dating, or at least that they'd make a great couple.

All of this Emma and Alek stuff started way early in Season 21, when dance pro Lindsay Arnold wanted to set up her partner Alek, who is desperately single, with one of the very beautiful and available girls on Dancing With The Stars. The one that caught his eye was British beauty Emma, who was Hayes Grier’s dance partner until they were eliminated. Don’t worry — Hayes is only 15, so there’s definitely no competition there. During the Partner Switch-Up week, on-camera interviews showed both Emma and Alek hoping to be teamed up with the other person. I mean, how cute is that? Alek was clearly flustered around Emma, and he said in another interview that it was really hard for him to keep his cool because she’s so beautiful. Their sensual rumba earned them a 29 out of 40, but it also made some tongues go wagging. The judges were all, “whoa, something’s happening here.” And, I totally agree.

Though Alek and Emma have both denied that their flirtation has gone any further than their dancing (even though the judges keep making reference to “what else has happened” between them, god, just tell me), I am very convinced that Emma and Alek are dating and are hiding it for the sake of the show. Because my skills are many, I trolled through their respective social media accounts for even more evidence.

Alek & Emma Just Chill… A Lot

So, I know that it’s not hard or unexpected to chill with someone you’re friends with, but Alek and Emma seem to see a lot of each other for the schedules they have. I mean, Alek is in the finals of Dancing With The Stars and probably doesn’t have a lot of time to hang out with anyone, let alone someone who is just a friend. Get Biz Markie in here, because Emma is more than that to Alek.

Alek & Emma Went On An Impromptu Trip

During Switch-Up week, Alek and Emma went on a trip back to Alek’s hometown in Oregon. This wasn’t mandated by the producers or anything. They just decided to go and hang out with Alek’s family. I’m sure that they had a crazy rehearsal schedule for this week, too, so they just happened to have the time to fly all the way to Oregon? Or maybe Alek was introducing Emma to his family.

Alek & Emma Cheer Each Other On

Emma and her partner, Hayes, were eliminated from the competition back in Week 7, so she really doesn’t have to pick someone else to win. But she did, and that team was Team Takedown, aka Alek and Lindsay’s team. Because Emma is obviously cheering for not only her best friend but also for her boyfriend. Support is key in any relationship.

What do you guys think? Will Emma and Alek finally debut their relationship after Dancing With The Stars is over, or is it all just for the cameras and intrigue? We’ll find out soon enough!

Images: Adam Taylor/ABC