The Best Hairstyles for Square Faces

It's the latest installment in the nightmare that is your hair: the blunt cut just isn't working for you anymore... and you're fighting a losing battle with your bangs. In fact, knowing what shape your face is could make the difference between a cut that's never seemed quite right for you and dream hair. If you have a square face, certain cuts and styles are for you and some are definitely, completely not. Here's how to know what works:


Sussing out your own face shape isn’t actually that tricky. All you need to do is take an old lipstick, and trace around the outline of your face (excluding your ears), and assess. What do you see? If it's equally wide at the forehead, cheekbones and jawline, you have a square face. Congratulations, you're basically Olivia Wilde.


You can choose either long or short depending on whether you want to emphasize your jawline — but the good news is that most lengths work on you, says celeb stylist Randi Peterson. Here's what to consider:

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Peterson suggests longer styles to come with a wavy, textured effect to soften the angular jaw. “Avoid long and super sleek with this face shape unless it’s styled away from your face — it can have the effect of making your face look bigger,” says Peterson.

The key to wearing long lengths is layers, layers, layers and rounder shapes. This makes bouncy curls your best friend and volume at the crown area.

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If you want to have a stronger look all around, cut your hair short — but don't go severe. "Shorter styles are going to enhance your jawline, so avoid cutting a bob above it to keep your look feminine," says Peterson.

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An Important Note About Bangs

Most with square face shapes should avoid blunt bangs (which maximizes the cube effect). For a side swept bang, make it ultra-curved, drawing the eye towards your eyes rather than downward.

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You'll also benefit from lots of sexy, voluminous back combing at the crown. Part your hair down the centre as the parting will slightly conceal the top square points at the forehead and wear with loose, flowing curls for a stunning Olivia Wilde effect.