How To Make Ornament Earrings

Thanksgiving is basically here, which means you should start prepping for the impending holidays. No matter what religious holiday you celebrate, there's always a little prep work that goes into making the holiday period special, and you can incorporate this prep into fashion. For some holiday fun, learning how to make ornament earring is the perfect past time. Whether they're covered in glitter or personalized with initials, ornament earrings are not only adorable, but totally festive.

The holiday season is full of incredible and fun opportunities to rock Christmas fashion. Whether it's a tacky Christmas sweater shindig or your office holiday party, these occasions give you the opportunity to rock colorful, sometimes glittery, and always cool holiday style. Regardless if it's statement jewelry or toned down pieces, between Christmas and New Year's, all of your fashion dreams can come true.

There is a myriad of outfits to try on before deciding on your holiday attire, ton of accessories to purchase, and lots of different ways to stay warm during the season. However, if you're looking for a simple DIY but totally adorable way to display the season via fashion, what better way than with ornament earrings? They bring the glitter, fun, and holiday cheer like no other accessory.

So how do you make ornament earrings?!

Make The Whole Tree

These earrings are adorable, easy, and while they're not technically an ornament, you're getting the whole tree so it's a total win.

Traditional Ornament Earrings

This traditional look is perfect, and the tutorial is detailed and direct. For those of us who aren't super crafty, it's kind of ideal.

Detailed Ornament Earrings

Want to add a little detail to those traditional ornament earrings? This tutorial walks you through it, and if you're a majorly talented artist, I may be calling you to craft me a pair!

Tradition With A Twist

While these may seem like the same old traditional look, the additional of sweet, Christmas charms brings a sweet extra something to the easy project.

Dangling Chandelier Earrings

Want something a bit different but still obviously festive? This earring look with multiple ornaments gives a bit more drama, and they're clearly super cute.

Angel Earrings

Love the angel on top of the tree? These earrings are perfect for you.


While these may not be Christmas ornaments, who doesn't love presents under the tree?

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