Harry Styles & Gigi Hadid's Awkward AMAs Moment

In a move that could only make One Direction's 2015 AMAs interview even more uncomfortable, Harry Styles and Gigi Hadid were "introduced" on the red carpet, the 1D singer may have rolled his eyes, and the Internet collectively lost it.

It went down like this: One Direction was being interviewed by Giuliana Rancic (in a series of cringe-inducing moments that included things like half of the band not knowing who designed their suits and the E! reporter asking if they're on Tinder), when Hadid walked up behind them and Rancic insisted the 20-year-old model get in on the interview, introducing her to the guys and asking if they had met before. Styles said they had. The secondhand embarrassment was real.

Hadid (who not only stars in Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" video but is also close with Kendall Jenner, another of Styles' rumored exes) was decently polite to the 1D singer, greeting him with a "Hi, Harry, how are you?" and shaking his hand before immediately giving hugs to the rest of the band (Possible Shady Moment No. 1). Styles, for his part, appeared to roll his eyes at the whole interaction (Possibly Shady Moment No. 2), which is probably the exact minute that the Internet had a meltdown about it. The shade! The horror!

But if you see other clips of this moment — and yes, I have obviously scoured Twitter to find the best and most close-up videos of the Styles/Hadid interaction — the whole thing may not look as shady as it once seemed.

Take, for example, this super important video of the interaction from another angle. Though Rancic makes an awkward joke about how 1D probably wishes they could stay (no, please, let's just have this cringe-worthy moment end), the guys exit the interview and head down to do more press on the red carpet. But not before saying goodbye to Hadid, who literally looks straight at Styles and casually tosses out, "Love you!" Gives a whole new meaning to the 1D song "Love You, Goodbye," right?

Also, please note that their initial interaction was actually decently polite and Hadid went in with a solidly firm handshake. The two make eye contact and are even kind of smiling, looking either totally genuine or "oh-crap-we're-on-national-TV-having-the-most-awkward-moment-of-our-lives-so-let's-get-this-over-with-as-quickly-and-eloquently-as-possible." And hey, maybe Hadid was just having one of those super awkward moments where you're not sure whether to go in for the handshake or the hug. It happens.

That all being said, Styles' eye-rolling was pretty legit and arguably shady in some fashion. But who was it directed towards? Was it meant for Hadid? Or at Rancic for forcing this entire awkward situation to happen? Or was it just the moment itself? WILL WE EVER KNOW?

One thing's for sure: Long live (potentially) shady and (potentially) awkward red carpet moments.