Let This Word Search Decide Your Next Vacation

Ever felt like you had the itch to travel, but didn't know where to go? Ever thought it would be cool to somehow document and remind yourself of all you have seen? Ever feel like you want to see what "calls you" to travel to? Now you can kill all those birds with one stylish stone: introducing the travel poster that will tell you where to go, and will then serve as a constant reminder of how far you've come.

In an amazing combination of one of those "word you see first" puzzles and the maps where you place a pin on every place you've visited on Earth, is the latest development in chic, travel hip style: Find It!, the poster that will change the way you travel forever. The all-black image displays, on the surface, a random assortment of white, capital letters. The game goes like this: you let your eyes glaze over the image, and the first word you see will be the country you should visit. All 197 countries of the world are listed, and there are 2,596 letters to search from.

Now, here's the fun part: you highlight the countries you've already visited to create a kind of artistic "grid" of your travels. I guess the goal for some people is to (maybe, someday) have the entire poster filled in, but that's up to you. The beautiful, minimalist design makes it something that could fit into any apartment aesthetic, and you can choose the way you color in or highlight your countries to make it feel even more like you.

The raw poster, in all its untouched glory:

An example of what it will look like once you begin filling it out:

The poster is available to purchase on Blue Tuesday here.

Images: Bold Tuesday (2)