The Jon Snow Emotional Roller Coaster Continues

The Season 5 finale of Game of Thrones left many of us fans clutching our pillows in utter dismay and horror because (SPOILER ALERT) Jon Snow was dead. Not since the Red Wedding had my emotions been so trampled on and destroyed by an episode of television, and it's safe to say that most of the fandom cried along with me. There have been a few months of speculation since that finale, and with rumors of Kit Harington being spotted in Belfast filming, I held on to hope. But on Monday, the official GoT Twitter account released the first teaser poster for Game of Thrones Season 6, which premieres in April, with a close-up of a bloody Jon Snow! Naturally, the moment I saw this, my mind spun into an uncontrolled stream of consciousness, the thoughts passionate and confused.

Sure, I was going to miss the character of Jon Snow, brooding every week on my television screen, but missing Kit Harington and his face is another story and one I don't want to know. I subscribed to all kinds of Jon Snow resurrection theories, and although I never read the books, I learned about the possibilities of Jon Snow NOT being dead.

It seems like Game of Thrones writers love to toy with our emotions, and that was definitely the case with the new teaser. Here are the thoughts that occurred when I saw Jon Snow on the Season 6 poster. There are a lot of them.

1. WHAT?

Literal shock.

2. Oh my god, help!

How is this happening? What is happening? I need answers!


Say it's so!

4. Wait... is Jon Snow a zombie?

Say it ain't so.

5. No, he's too pretty to be a zombie

His skin looks too good.

6. He's definitely a Targaryen

Rise, Jon Snow. Rise!

7. His hair looks amazing

Even near death, he pulls it off.

8. Jon Snow is still so sad

Cheer up, you're alive!

9. ...But he shouldn't be because he is resurrected

Praise be.

10. But how is he alive?

Who cares!

11. Was it Melisandre working her magic?

I know her tricks.

12. I want Jon Snow's magic

I mean...

13. Why is his face covered in blood?

I don't like seeing him hurt.

14. He obviously fought back

That's how he got all bloody, right?

15. He IS alive!

If I believe it enough, it'll be true!

16. Did he become a white walker?

He doesn't look like one.


Obviously, a lot of emotions are happening. I need to relax to make it to April 2016. See you there, Jon Snow.

Images: Helen Sloan/Courtesy of HBO; Giphy (17)