Watch People Try Weird Thanksgiving Foods

For my family, Thanksgiving is pretty basic: turkey, stuffing, yams, pumpkin pie. But being a basic on Thanksgiving is kind of the point; being that it's a tradition ... but what if you could shake things up and chow down on some super weird Thanksgiving foods? Would you try something crazy this year or are you happy with eating the same old birds and sides? Lucky for us, the folks over at BuzzFeed have gone ahead and done a wacky Thanksgiving-inspired food tour for us, so we can eat vicariously through them, without letting go of any family traditions.

In this video, three hungry, brave souls venture out into Californian fast food and restaurant territory to taste test the extent of their local chef's holiday creativity. Because in the last few years, with the introduction of so many new specialty diets and health crazes, Thanksgiving has been slowly evolving. Mixed greens have been replaced with kale in many households. Tofurky has replaced turkey in others. Quinoa stuffing has replaced bread stuffing in others. And raw foods have replaced processed foods in others. That said, is the future of Thanksgiving headed somewhere totally new and nontraditional? Or will we always come back to the bird and stuffing on that last Thursday of November?

Enjoy some of my favorite highlights from the turnt Thanksgiving food tour here:

Mad Love 4 T-Giving

The day started out with a lot of love for the holiday. Because who doesn't love Thanksgiving?! It's one of the only holidays that doesn't exclude any religions or values.

Nontraditional Thanksgiving 4 Lyfe

This turducken burger garnered approval all around. The delicious fast-food version of the holiday feast left a good taste in their mouths.

Bye Feliz Dia de Accion de Gracias

Unfortunately the mashed potato and gravy ice cream did not make the cut. They were not loving it. The line has been drawn: creativity 10, taste 0.

The Takeaway

Here's what we learned: Thanksgiving can come in all shapes and sizes and cones and buns, but the best tasting forms are the types that most resemble the OG Thanksgiving foods, so, OG Thanksgiving 4 life!

Watch the full video here:

Images: YouTube (5)