All The Online Hacks For #ShopSmall Saturday

If you somehow manage to still have energy after Black Friday to go shopping, get pumped to celebrate indie retailers with Small Business Saturday. I scouted the best hacks for how to shop Small Business Saturday online for those of you that don't want to leave the cozy comfort of your home to support lesser-known brands. Once Saturday morning hits, cozy up with a giant homemade pumpkin spice latte or cup of chai hot tea and have fun shopping!

Thanks to American Express, Small Business Saturday kicked off in 2010 and has been going strong since. While originally meant to encourage shoppers to step back from the frenzy of department stores and mega e-commerce websites and hit up small-scale brick and mortar stores, social media has totally revolutionized the way indie retailers can reach customers. Those without a physical store definitely deserve to be celebrated, too.

Given their slightly under-the-radar status, indie retailers can be a little more tricky to find online. The tips below will help you make sure you know how to locate small businesses no matter what you're shopping for so you can give them your support this holiday season. The best part? Everything you buy will have a wonderfully unique story and become a special little treasure.

1. Check Instagram

Instagram is the best way to locate small-scale fashion and beauty retailers. Search using the hashtags #ShopSmall and #SmallBusinessSaturday to see who's participating. Furthermore, use hashtags around what you're specifically searching for (i.e. #IndieBeauty or #VeganLipstick) to stumble on amazing little brands you didn't know existed.

2. Scroll Twitter

Similar to Instagram, utilizing the hashtags #ShopSmall, #SmallBusinessSaturday, and #SmallBizSat will help you locate participating online indie retailers. Hit up the pictures feed to get a better idea of who's selling what.

3. Follow On Facebook


Like and follow Small Business Saturday on Facebook to get exclusive access to deals and scroll through the comments to discover new indie retailers posting about their businesses.

4. Shop Etsy

The mothership of online indie retailers, Etsy openly supports Small Business Saturday. While you can always access the wonderful plethora of indie retailers on the website, this coming Saturday also provides a rare opportunity for Etsy retailers to participate in pop-up shops and "trunk shows" if you do decide you want to shop in-person, too!

5. Shop Handmade At Amazon

After you've explored Etsy, head over to Handmade At Amazon to scout even more dreamy small-scale artisanal retailers for whatever your shopping needs are.

6. Sign Up For Indie Subscription Boxes

By signing up for an indie beauty subscription box (my favorite is guaranteed all-natural beauty Pearlesque Box!) you can support a multitude of small beauty retailers all at once. Win! The December box from Pearlesque features Brazilian brand "Teadora," and I can't get over the nourishing body polish.

7. Explore Indie Beauty Expo

I had the major privilege of hitting up the first annual Indie Beauty Expo this past August in Manhattan, and it was totally swoon-worthy. The IBE's mission is to "provide a platform to recognize, showcase, and promote independent beauty brands to retailers, consumers, and the media." Sign up on their website or follow on Instagram to discover a slew of new amazing brands (my current obsession discovered at the Expo is all the rosehip oil-infused goodness from Trilogy).

Images: tirachard/Fotolia