A Look Back At Cynthia & Peter's 'RHOA' Wedding

This season of Real Housewives of Atlanta has only just started, but it's already clear that the state of Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas' marriage is going to be a major story line this time around. Clearly, they were going through a lot of ups and downs when the season was filmed, and it's super sad as a viewer because we have been watching them as a couple since before they were even husband and wife. We got to watch them plan their wedding, get married, and even renew their vows, so it's pretty sad to see them struggling these days.

With that in mind, I thought it might be a better idea to reminisce about some happier times and take a look back at photos from Cynthia and Peter's wedding. Maybe it will put us fans at ease if we get to relieve the better times. Plus, it was actually a pretty spectacular wedding. I mean, they got married in a museum with a humongous dinosaur skeleton lurking in the background like it was no big deal. Cynthia made her own rules in more ways than one and skipped out on wearing a more traditional white or ivory wedding dress and opted for a dramatic silver gown. Check it out!

Beaming With Joy

This photo is a far cry from the distant couple we have been watching on RHOA. Cynthia and Peter had the biggest smiles on their wedding day. Hopefully, we will see the two of them acting the same way very soon.

Celebrating With Cynthia's Daughter

Peter, Cynthia, and her daughter, Noelle, are a beautiful family in this throwback wedding photo. Not to mention that all of their outfits perfectly coordinate.

Showing Off The Dress

Cynthia gave us a great look at her dress from the back.

Getting Ready For A Close Up

The mother-daughter pair looked absolutely stunning on Cynthia's wedding day.

Remembering The Wedding Shoes

Cynthia posted a throwback photo of the shoes she wore on the big day. And, of course, they have those red bottoms, as if we'd expected anything less from the model.

Eating Dinner With A Dinosaur

Cynthia and Peter's wedding was definitely unique. The guests dined in the middle of a museum with an actual dinosaur skeleton in the background.

Having Fun With The Bridesmaids

Cynthia and her bridesmaids all looked beyond glamorous in their dresses. They all coordinate perfectly, but aren't too matchy matchy.

Holding Hands

The couple looks so happy to be together in this photo and her caption is beautiful.

Remembering The Cake

This cake almost looked too pretty eat. (But I would still eat it.)

Celebrating With A Vow Renewal

Cynthia was so happy in her marriage that she and Peter even redid the ceremony all over again with a vow renewal on the beach.

These photos bring back some nice, beautiful memories. Hopefully, Cynthia and Peter have a lot more great times to come and can put their recent troubles in the past.