12 "Traditions" From "All I Want For Xmas Is You"

You hear it while you’re doing your Christmas shopping at a crowded department store. It joins you on your trek to your relatives' house. It cozies up next to you during your neighborhood’s tree lighting ceremony. It waves hello to your ears as you awkwardly sip egg nog at your office party. It is, but of course, the Christmastime staple “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey. The elf-lusive chanteuse’s soaring yuletide ditty has been a holiday favorite since it debuted back in 1994, and this is not without good reason: the tune is flat-out perfect.

Do you know what else happens to be flat-out perfect? The original music video for “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” duh. The home movie-style clip—which was directed by Queen Mimi—features lots of snow, lots of critters, lots of glitter, lots of Santa Claus (played by Carey's then-husband Tommy Mottola), plenty of Christmas-y decor, plenty of Christmas-y accouterment, and plenty of Christmas-y shenanigans. As far as Xmas music videos go, "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is the gold (and red and green) standard.

If you want to have yourself a merry little "All I Want For Christmas Is You" Christmas, here are 12 things from the video to incorporate into your celebration:

Xmas Tradition #1

Watch a dog climb over all of the presents. (Bonus points if the dog is wearing a sweater.)

Xmas Tradition #2

Watch a dog mistake a Santa hat for a chew toy.

Xmas Tradition #3

Battle an empty garbage bag.

Xmas Tradition #4

Dance around while wearing an empty gift box on your head.

Xmas Tradition #5

Wave a Santa nutcracker in the face of any and all grumpy Scrooges.

Xmas Tradition #6

Put an antler headband on a dog.

Xmas Tradition #7

Put a second antler headband on a second dog.

Xmas Tradition #8

Bring a dove inside the house.

Xmas Tradition #9

Hold a rabbit in each hand.

Xmas Tradition #10

Trip over a pile of fresh snow while walking arm in arm with Santa Claus.

Xmas Tradition #11

Poke a statue of a tuxedo-wearing egg man. (Er, at least I think that's what's happening here?)

Xmas Tradition #12

Travel through hyperspace. I gotta say, firing up the hyperdrive has always been one of my favorite holiday pastimes.

Images: Columbia Records; Kristie Rohwedder/Bustle via MariahCareyVEVO/YouTube (12)