Is Luisa's Mother Alive On 'Jane The Virgin'? She Could Be Sin Rostro's Arch Nemesis

Just when you think these family dynamics on Jane the Virgin couldn't get anymore complicated, the series goes ahead and throws yet another curveball suggesting that Luisa's mother may not be as dead as we originally thought. After Jane's faux friend Wesley did a little prodding, Luisa realized that the circumstances surrounding her mother's death seemed shady at best. Before we knew it, she was opening up her mother's coffin and found… absolutely nothing. There was no body inside, which suggests that Luisa's mother is alive and well on Jane the Virgin . But that wasn't the only shock of the evening, even in regards to this particular storyline. Because it seems as though Luisa's mother could also be the mysterious Mooter we've all heard so much about.

Just to help refresh everyone's memory, Luisa was abducted earlier this season by men who were working for someone called "Mooter," who wanted to track down Sin Rostro and was using Luisa as bait. Keeping that in mind, this means that Luisa was technically abducted by her very own mother. (Like I said, these family dynamics are not the most healthiest thing in the world, but I love it!) Of course, Luisa has no idea about the kidnapping part of this equation. She's just thrilled at the prospect that her mother is still in the land of the living. However, Michael and his fellow police comrades are starting to put the pieces together, so I'm sure it's only a matter of time before Luisa finds out. The only question is — whose side would she be on.

Sin Rostro has put Luisa through a lot in the past, but deep down you can tell that she still has very strong feelings for her. But then, on the other hand, if Mooter is her mother (or at the very least connected with her mother), then her allegiance to the latter might take top priority. Either way, though, this is pretty huge news. Now we have not one, but potentially two big bads to be on the lookout for and it's only a matter of time before all of this comes to a head.

Image: Warner Bros.