Jessica Jones + Trish = #FriendshipGoals

I finished my marathon of Netflix’s new Marvel series Jessica Jones in two days and I’m still walking around on a feminist superhero cloud. Imagine: A show that puts a survivor front and center, rips the sexuality away from the male gaze, and features a shifting and powerful female friendship as its heart and soul. Jessica Jones is all that and more, which is a miracle considering that the comic book genre (at least on screen) has been the subject of relentless gatekeeping in order to keep it palatable for the widest possible audience. The critical and fan response to Jessica Jones has been ecstatic so far, so maybe Jessica will be the hero to turn the tide for more feminist-leaning genre shows. But, will any other series be able to recreate the friendship between Jessica Jones and Trish Walker? (Spoilers ahead for the whole first season of the show!)

If you were to consider just the chronology of events shown in Jessica Jones, then the Jessica/Trish relationship would easily stand out as the most important one in the show. Through flashbacks, fans see Jessica and Trish as they are when they first become adoptive sisters, the way they interact before Kilgrave enters Jessica’s life, and, in the present, as both she and Trish deal with the fallout of that violation. Their devotion to each other is complete, and I’ll prove it with these nine already-iconic Jessica/Trish BFF moments.

1. When Trish Shows Off Her Training

Neither of these women are wilting flowers. Trish takes her safety into her own hands, and gives Jessica a complimentary demo.

2. When Trish Assures Jessica That She's More Than Enough

It's a best friend's job to be nicer to their friend than they are to themselves. Especially when they're looking at themselves through a veil of guilt and anger.

3. When Jessica Thinks Trish Might Make A Better Superhero Anyway

Does Jessica secretly wish Trish had powers too so that they could be crime-fighting super friends? I'm almost sure she does.

4. When Trish Misses Jessica Something Fierce

Jessica is so sure she doesn't matter to anyone, but Trish will have none of it.

5. When Putting Trish In Danger Just Isn't An Option

Jessica will do anything to stop Kilgrave except pull Trish into the line of fire. Too bad that's Trish's decision.

6. When There's A Cute Superhero Fashion Show

This pre-Kilgrave flashback is too innocent and pure for words considering what comes after. I want to wrap these women in a blanket and protect them forever.

7. When Trish Can't Leave All The Bravery To Her Sister

Trish takes Will's combat drugs to keep him from killing Jessica, even though they might shut her body down. In the immortal words of Joey Tribbiani, "Is this friendship? I think so!"

8. When Jessica Tells Trish She Loves Her

Jessica and Trish's failsafe against Kilgrave's powers is their love for each other. Honestly, it's more than my little heart can handle.

9. And, Trish Knows That She's The Only Person Jessica Can Say That To

These women have walked through fire together and are stronger and more united for it.

Bring on Season 2 and, along with it, more heartwarming moments from Jessica and Trish!

Images: Myles Aronowitz/Netflix; ainokiseki (2), jemmasimmuns, lydiastilinski (2), fionanincadisi, iriswestallen, stydiaislove/Tumblr