Kimmel Makes People Think 'Star Wars' Is Real

Jimmy Kimmel's Lie Witness News is one of the most popular features of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, which proves that, if you put a camera in front of someone, they will say just about anything. In Jimmy's Star Wars edition of Lie Witness News, regular people on the street are asked about current events — except the events aren't current. The events happened a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. For many of the interview subjects, "Hoth" sounds just as real as "Syria," and they are not afraid to have opinions on the topics that they seem to have no knowledge of.

  • Kylo Ren would be "a good leader for the people of North Korea," as the replacement for Kim Jong Un, because he is an outspoken leader.
  • Admiral Ackbar's declaration that "entering the conflict in Endor" is a trap is, in fact, false. We should be entering the conflict in Endor.
  • The temperatures on Hoth are man-made, and people have the technology "to make weather any way that they want to. Yes, that means tsunamis." He later claims, "it's been going on this whole time."
  • Count Dooku is not solely to blame for the clone wars. (The woman who said this is not entirely incorrect, especially if you agree with the Jar Jar Binks theory roaming the Internet.)
  • Emperor Palpatine did not have the authority to execute Mace Windu, "based on what [she has] seen on the news." She also believes "Fox News is too soft on Emperor Palpatine."
  • Being frozen in carbonite should not be legal, and sounds "kind of... like a sort of medieval punishment."

Take this as a cautionary tale: Just because you have a camera on you, doesn't mean you have to have an opinion on something you're not aware of. Even if Count Dooku could've done more to avoid the Clone Wars. Check out the video below.