Scheana & Shay's Pals Show Support On 'Pump Rules'

As delightfully weird as parts of Monday night's episode of Vanderpump Rules was, it wasn't all swan turds and noodle drop moves. Let me get right to it: I straight up teared up while watching Shay return to his and Scheana’s apartment. As Scheana revealed in last week’s episode, her husband has been battling substance abuse issues for some time and elected to recuperate at his parents’ house. This week, he decided it was time to come home. The day of Shay’s homecoming, Scheana asks Tom Sandoval, Tom Schwartz, Katie, and Ariana to be present to provide “a buffer”; in a talking head, Scheana explains that Shay is more at ease in a group setting than in a one-on-one confrontation.

When Shay finally walks through the front door, there's lots of crying and lots of hugs. And when Shay finally pulls away from his embrace with Scheana, the look on his face is legitimately heartbreaking. In an effort to get the conversation ball rolling, Tom Sandoval asks Shay what’s been going on.

“I’ve been home for over a week. I’ve been staying with my parents,” Shay says. “I’ve been going through a lot of stuff personally. And I kind of ran away … I kind of cut everyone off, unfortunately.”

The group lets Shay know that they are here for him. The tear-filled discussion continues. Shay reveals that he's been addicted to pills for as long as they've known him, has been miserable for two years, and is too intimidated by Scheana to express his real feelings. He and Scheana start to argue, and their friends attempt to deescalate the situation. Scheana worries that she is part of the reason that Shay is unhappy, and he assures her that that is not the case; the primary sources of his personal struggles are internal. Shay says he plans on moving back into their apartment, but adds that his battle isn't over yet.

Oof, what a heavy scene. I could go for a Capri Sun right now.