6 Types Of People You Should Have In Your Life

We are all complex people with varying likes and dislikes, and trials and tribulations. That's why it's important to have several different types of people in your life, so you're sure to have all bases covered whenever you need a helping hand. (Anyone who's ever tried to talk to their jokester friend about something serious can attest to the truth in this statement.)

Some of us are lucky enough to have one person in our lives who checks all the boxes — supportive, funny, loving, nonjudgemental, wise, and caring (among other winning attributes). But for those of us who aren't so lucky, it's important to stock up on a core group of great people who can be there for the various things life throws at you.

This is especially important once you become a multi-faceted adult after college, when you really wish you had an expert to help you through any and all situations. Unfortunately, at this stage in life it can be tough to find people who "get you" and often times it's hard to make friends. The good news is that your core group can be made up of almost anyone. Maybe it's your parents, work friends, your SO, old teachers, or even a boss. What matters is having people in your life who can be there no matter the situation.

Here are the various type of people everyone should have in their life, so you never have to take your girly friend hiking, or listen to your "nice" friend wax poetic about your sad dating life, ever again.

1. The Wise One

Maybe this is your mom, or a therapist, or a friend who's a few months younger than you but somehow always seems wise beyond her years. Whatever the case, the wise one is going to be your go-to person during life's most confusing moments. That's because they always give great advice, and also offer a healthy and much-needed objective perspective no matter what situation you're in. Even if they're not your "therapist," they're basically your therapist.

2. The Adventurous One

The adventurous person in your life will always be there to pull you away from your Saturday laundry plans and whisk you off on a hike, or to trapeze school, or a rock climbing class. They aren't OK with you sitting at home on your butt, and for that reason can be kind of exhausting. But for the sake of always having someone to take you on adventures, they are definitely a good friend to have in your arsenal.

3. The Chill One

On the opposite side of the spectrum from the adventurer is the chill friend. The two of you don't need plans or a "reason" for hanging you. Instead, you can both enjoy each other's company as you watch TV for hours while eating snacks and talking about nothing in particular. This person is comforting to be around, and makes whiling away the weekend in your sweatpants seem like the best idea possible.

4. The Comedian

This person will, without a doubt, have something hilarious to say no matter what's happening in your life. And this comes in handy when everything seems bleak and gray, or when you have one too many problems and can no longer cope. The comedian in your life will swoop in, crack a joke, make fun of your pathetic life (in an endearing way that only they can) and leave you feeling much better.

5. The Encourager

This person thinks you are awesome and beautiful and talented, and they never hesitate to tell you. They're always there to hype you up, whether it's before a big interview, or a first date, or while you're writing your book. And they're the first to call right after to see how everything went (and pep talk you if you don't think you did well). Basically, the encourager is always there to boost your ego when you need it most.

6. The One Who Has Seen It All

This person has seen you at your worst and yet still sticks around, so you can truly trust them. It could be a family member who remembers when you were an angsty teen, or an SO who stays by your side despite your weirdest eccentricities. These people have unconditional love for you, so enjoy being your truest self in their presence (because what's better than that?).

Surrounding yourself with different types of people ensures you never have a situation you can't handle, because there will always be the perfect person right there for everything life throws at you.

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