5 Reasons 'The Last Kingdom' Should Be Renewed

Don't you just hate it when history forces you to decide between staying loyal to your ancestral bloodline, which was killed by vikings, or the vikings who then took you and raised you as one of their own? That's the fate of poor Uhtred on The Last Kingdom, and it looks like his story isn't going to be all wrapped up when the season finale airs on November 28. So, will we get to learn more about Uhtred's destiny? Will the BBC and BBC America renew The Last Kingdom for a second season? [UPDATE: The author of the series the show is based on tweeted, "there WILL be another series of #TheLastKingdom The adventure doesn't end!]

Unfortunately, so far the BBC has kept mum about whether or not the show has been renewed or canceled. That may seem like a bad sign, since BBC America has already renewed some of its shows, like Broadchurch, Almost Royal, Luther, and Orphan Black. But, it hasn't canceled the show yet, like it did with Atlantis and Whitechapel. And, the other series that debuted around the same time as The Last Kingdom, Tatau, also doesn't have a ruling yet. I think there's room for optimism. Here are some reasons why I believe that BBC America will throw in for a second season of The Last Kingdom, so fans can keep their hopes up.

1. There's More Story To Tell

Unlike something like Fargo, The Last Kingdom isn't designed to be a limited series, telling one story per season that fully exhausts the plot for a certain group of characters. The Last Kingdom is based on a book series, The Saxon Stories, and so far there are nine books in the series. The first season covers roughly the first two books. There's enough story material to go on for years and years.

2. Critics Like It

Even if it isn't a ratings powerhouse (and it may or may not be — U.S. ratings numbers are hard to find for the show, but more than a million people watch it regularly in the UK), critics seem to like it, which can keep a show around longer so it can build an audience.

3. It's Got Prestige

There's a lot of talent behind The Last Kingdom. The producers behind the series are Carnival Films, producers of another little British series called Downton Abbey. And, the writer, Stephen Butchard, is a BAFTA-nominated writer behind many other award-winning shows in the U.K. The BBC isn't going to want to let that team go too quickly.

4. Fictional And Alternate Histories Are Hot

Is it me, or is everyone talking about The Man in the High Castle? People like shows that combine real, historical figures or events with fictional characters in any time period. (Think of shows like Manhattan.) The Last Kingdom is the same mix of real people, like King Alfred, and ones wholly invented for the show.

5. It Scratches the Game of Thrones Itch

Game of Thrones can't be on 365 days a year, so fans have to get their fix for bloodlust, castles, and dudes dressed up in fur and armor somewhere. Enter The Last Kingdom. Plus, it has vikings for people who are awaiting the return of Vikings. Isn't that enough for a Season 2?

Images: queentaraknowles/Tumblr (3)