Kat Von D' Has Some Cool Beauty Tutorials

Ever since the release of the tattooist's beauty line, it's been as clear as ever that beauty and art go hand-in-hand. Giving her quirky-cool makeup routine an artistic twist, Kat Von D made a pointillism makeup tutorial that is truly one of the most stunning how-to videos I've ever seen. Actually, the star's entire YouTube account is filled with fabulous tutorials that you have to see to believe.

In case your knowledges of art movements is a little rusty, pointillism is basically just using tiny dots to create one complete picture — think Vincent Van Gogh and George Seurat. In her video, Kat Von D puts a fun twist on a traditional contouring tutorial by utilizing the technique. She used about eight shades of her brand's foundation, Tattoo Liner, and Everlasting Liquid Lipstick to come up with this truly stunning look. It's actually pretty easy to create — if you have a lot of patience — so why not break it out this Thanksgiving? It'll definitely give your family something to talk about at the dinner table. Kidding... mostly.

With just a Q-tip and a few shades of long-lasting foundation, you can be on your way to a very different kind of contour. Von D used hues similar to what she would use in her everyday makeup routine, but dabbed them on instead of blending them out like one usually would with foundation.

She started with a nude concealer color, just like you'd apply as a base on a normal day.

Then she started using more bronze-toned colors under the cheekbones and around the hairline, as if she was contouring her face with the dots.

She added some finishing touches in the form of dotted eyeshadow, brows, and eyeliner...

... and topped things off with the perfect polka-dotted lip color.

From far away you almost can't tell that she's covered in dots, but close up the creation is clear to see.

How cool is that! This isn't the only awesome tutorial that the tattooist turned makeup guru has created. Using her colorful and long-lasting makeup line, the star has tutorials for a number of different stand-out looks. Check out some of her coolest below.

1. Scaled Ombre Lip

It doesn't get much more awesome than this. Kat Von D brought in one of her own beauty muses to share how she gets her ombre lip, and it's actually super simple to recreate.

2. Metallic Rocker Eyeshadow

She uses bright colors and some fabulous shapes to create one truly stunning eye look.

3. Everlasting Lip Contour

A lot of lip contouring is all about looking as natural as possible, but this is all about the color. The best part is that no fancy brushes are needed!

4. Eye Contouring

It's hard not to fall in love with the star's fabulous eye-shading. Now you can get her exact same look. She shares all of her secrets.

5. Triangular Liquid Liner

This liner technique might seem complicated, but it's actually a lot easier than it looks. All you need is a Q-tip, liquid liner, and a makeup remover wipe.

6. Face Contouring

Because whoever said the Kardashians were the queens of contouring obviously hasn't seen Kat Von D do it.

7. Pointillism Cat-Eye

This is a really fun look if you're trying to switch up your traditional cat-eye. From far away it looks like regular liner, but with a closer look, you'll see the surprise.

Kat Von D makes it super simple to be an at-home artist!

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Images: thekatvond/YouTube