It's A Pie, It's A Cake, It's Piecaken

This Thanksgiving, you don't have to chose between cake and pie. That's because there's now Piecaken, a dessert beamed to Earth from heaven (probably by the same angels who brought you Turducken) — and yes you guessed it, it's a combination of cake and pie, and it's heavenly harmony is out of this world. Personally, I never choose between pie and cake because all my teeth are sweet teeth and I eat them both, so for me, Piecaken is more about convenience. Like two-in-one shampoo. But for those of you who have less sweet teeth and have trouble choosing between desserts, Piecaken will change your (dessert) life — or at least spice up your Thanksgiving.

Though I have yet to get my paws on a slice of the majestic Piecaken, I'm already in lust with it. It's everything I hope and dream for in a dessert. Sometimes I find pie to be too wet and cake to be too dry, and now that they've come together to create what looks like the perfect consistency and texture, I couldn't be more excited.

As with all new foods that I fall in love with on the internet, I will thoroughly enjoy looking at pictures of it over the next few days before I get the courage to attempt to bake it myself. I call the picture viewing stage the "research stage". So for both my viewing pleasure and yours, I've rounded up some of the sexiest pictures of Piecaken I could find:

Cherry Pie Inside Of Chocolate Cake

That's right, smooth, creamy chocolate cake with a cherry center.

Tripple Whammy


Peek-A-Boo Apple Pie

SURPRISE! Apple pie's in there.

Now You're Just Showing Off

I mean, this is just decadent.

Pinch Me

Can I has dis?

Image: Courtesy of shazzama/Instagram