Order Domino's At The Push Of A Button — Literally

Have you ever decided not to order a pizza, even though you wanted one, simply because you didn't want to put the effort in to make an order online or to call the restaurant? If laziness is your game, then Domino's push-for-pizza button will definitely be in your wheelhouse: It allows you to order a pizza at the push of a button — literall. How cool is this?

The "Limited Edition Easy Button" comes to us via FLIC, a company which creates wireless buttons that can be used in a multitude of ways, from turning on a light to ordering a taxi. This particular button, which is located inside of what looks like a miniature-sized pizza box, is connected to the store's app. Pushing it signals your nearest Domino's location to send you a pizza.

If you're wondering what kinds of pizza you can get with the button, or how you can get the kind of pizza you want this way in the first place, you'll have to first set up the button inside of Domino's mobile app. That's where the magic really happens: You can choose all of your pizza preferences, put in your delivery address, and set up your method of payment. The app will save all of these details, so each time you order a pizza via the button, it'll already have all the important questions answered.

The inspiration for the device apparently came from the sheer amount of orders Domino's gets from their app. “The Domino’s app has been downloaded over 10 million times and 75 per cent of our orders are now online," Sales Marketing Director Simon Walls of Domino’s Pizza Group told the Evening Standard. "We also know that our customers love innovation, which further improves the ease of ordering such as our Pizza Tracker. With this in mind we challenged our tech wizards to go a step further and create the one-stop Easy Order."

If you're already Googling "where can I get a Domino's pizza button?" I have some bad news. Unfortunately, the buttons aren't available for purchase — and furthermore, they only exist in the UK. If you're one of those lucky souls who lives across the pond, the buttons will be doled out as prizes during a contest running in December; meanwhile, the rest of us will have to stick to ordering pizza the old fashioned way. Domino's has not yet announced the details of the contest, but the Evening Standard reports that the company will make the big announcement on their social media platforms.

But, it turns out that there is a silver lining to this story: Domino's has also launched a virtual version of the one-touch pizza button that displays on their UK website, so even if you don't end up winning one of the actual buttons in that adorable little box, you can still experience the same ease of ordering. Furthermore, the Domino's pizza button could also come across the pond to the United States next year; a spokesperson for the company told Business Insider that they'll be unrolling a second phase of their launch campaign in February of 2016. We'll make sure to keep our eyes peeled for you! And hey, in the meantime, American cheese lovers can always order pizza by emoji or break out the original Push for Pizza app, right?

Images: Dominik Schwind/Flickr; Giphy