'Grease Live' Needs To Have All Of Danny's Gazes

Go, Grease Lightening! As if you couldn't get any more excited, the first promo images for FOX's Grease Live have hit the internet, and it is giving us all sorts of throwback feels. As far as the ladies go, Vanessa Hudgens and Julianne Hough are pretty spot on. Hough is all blonde-haired, blue-eyed innocence, and Hudgens looks like the consummate bad girl... if not 10 years younger than the original Rizzo. Ultimately, what matters is that Grease Live captures all the little moments that made Grease a classic.

See, the Grease as a movie (and yeah, it's also a play your high school put on at some point or another) is held in high regard by fans. You don't mess with a masterpiece... unless you're me. But, hey, I've chronologically catalogued every moment in Grease before, so I'm pretty sure I'm an expert of all of the movie's nuances. I might even know it better than the creators. (Just kidding, Internet.)

And, hey, I’m sure you’ll also agree with me that Grease Live needs to capture the important stuff. So just in case FOX is listening to me, here are 18 essential Grease moments that I want to see.

1. Rizzo's Shoulder Shrug As She Walks Into The First Day Of Senior Year

You just know that the Pink Ladies are going to rule the school this year.

2. This Swoonworthy Double-Take

What's that you hear? Oh, just the sound of my ovaries exploding.

3. Danny's Weird Chicken Walk

Is this how people moved in the 1950s, or...

4. When Frenchie Shows How She Got Her Nickname

I mean, sure it is.

5. When They Knock Out The Brusha-Brusha Girl

Just doing the whole movie a favor, to be completely honest.

6. And When Rizzo Turns Around In That Wig

The entire sleepover scene is golden, but it's really all about Rizzo's performance of "Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee."

7. All Of These Stolen Glances

Sahara desert level thirst happening right here.

8. Danny's Slow Motion Laugh

"Don't make me laugh, HA... HA... HA."

9. The "Greased Lightening" Pointing

If this isn't the exact choreography, than I am smashing my TV in with a crow bar.

10. This Super Smug Wave

It's definitely like the, "I just tripped on the track field but now I got your girl" wave.

11. The Adorable Smiles These Two Crazy Kids Exchange Each Other

It lasts a fraction of a second before Kenickie waltzes over like, "MIND IF WE INTERRUPT?" Rude.

12. When Rizzo Later Puts Him In His Place With A Frosty Strawberry Milkshake

Don't mess with the queen.

13. That Lustful Bubble Gum Pop

Just staring at my beauty school guardian angel like it ain't no thing.

14. This Romantic Embrace, And The Immediate Bro Reaction After It

"This better not awaken anything in me..."

15. When Sandy Has To Be Taught How To Put Out A Cigarette

She shows up looking like the baddest b*tch in town yet she has to look to her friends for confirmation. Awwww, baby's first smoke!

16. When I'm Pretty Sure Danny Has A Heart Attack

A very stylish one, though.

17. I Don't Know, Whatever This Move Is, Because It's My Favorite

I do this with all of my boyfriends.

18. And Most Importantly, When Sandy Waves Goodbye From The Flying Car

And you're left just looking on in confusion, wondering what on God's green Earth is going on.

Make it happen, Grease Live, make it happen. And make sure to tune into the special musical event January 31.

Images: Paramount Pictures; Giphy (18)