Photos Of The Roubaix Hostage Situation Are Chilling

On Tuesday, in the town of Roubaix in northern France, a hostage situation reportedly took place. Several people are thought to have been shot and possibly wounded, although authorities quickly debunked any connection between the situation and the Paris attacks. The small town of Roubaix is near Belgium, and is known for hosting the Paris–Roubaix cycle race. Details are thin on the ground, but gunshots were heard in the area. The situation comes less than two weeks after the Paris attacks, which left 130 people dead and hundreds more injured.

(Update: Authorities have confirmed that the situation is over and not linked to terrorism, and that all the hostages were freed.)

Local authorities have told the AFP that armed men have forced a standoff and have taken hostages. CBC reports that the hostage situation may have come as part of a failed robbery, which would imply that it may not be a terrorist act. A French police officer told NBC that it does not appear to be terrorism-related. However, the bank manager's family may have been taken hostage.

The news comes as French president Francois Hollande is meeting with President Obama in D.C., a meeting arranged after the Paris attacks. The two announced Tuesday that France and the United States would work together to better share intelligence and otherwise aim to prevent an escalation of the terrorism that threatens both countries.