17 Nondenominational Holiday Nail Art For Spreading All-Inclusive Cheer — PHOTOS

Come holiday season, we're all seeing red and green! With manis adorned with Christmas trees, Santa, and reindeer taking over every Pinterest board and Instagram feed, nondenominational holiday nails can seem few and far between. However, with a little creativity and the right nailspiration, it isn't mission possible getting around those Christmas clichés.

This time of year calls for us to break out our deep hued polishes if we're going to spread the holiday cheer (nondenominationally, of course!) with a festive mani. Even with no other designs or embellishment, a rich burgundy polish or deep navy blue will practically scream happy holidays. The same goes for silver and gold nails, white polishes, and anything with a sparkling touch of glitter. I'm usually not one for loading my nails with globs of glitter and rhinestones, but there's just something about the holiday season that makes you want to take the sparkle up several notches.

The key to the best universal holiday nails is to think winter in general. Cold weather fashion prints, snowfall, and winter treats are all great sources of festive nailspiration that won't tie your mani down to any one type of celebration. Look to these 17 happy holidays-approved nails when it's time to give that plain Jane polish a break.

1. Tartan Accents

Sign me up for tartan nails ASAP. Try a full tartan set or a few accents for the perfect cold-weather nails.

2. Peppermint Swirls

Peppermint invades almost every holiday treat, so why not let it take over your nails?

3. Sweater Nails

Sweater weather is upon us!

4. Gold Glitter

You can never go wrong with glitter anything during the holidays! Peep the tartan accent for an extra special touch.

5. Houndstooth Accents

Gray is yet another color that's perfect for a winter mani, plus the houndstooth is just so cool.

6. Pattern Play

You can get away with any holiday mani that includes deep red polish and gold accents such as this mix of polka dots and stripes.

7. Glittered French Mani

Take your French manicure into the holiday season by adding a glitter coat on top.

8. Frosty Ombré

White nails are perfect for the winter season. With the addition of glitter and sequins, you can transform a plain white mani into a frosted spectacle.

9. Snowflakes

What's the holidays without the snow! Snowflakes are a nondenominational nail art classic.

10. Sparkling Snowman

Check out Frosty the Snowman hanging out in a pile of glittering snow!

11. Crystal Embellishment

Every girl needs her bling! Crystal nail jewels can spice up your nails while mimicking icicles.

12. Glitter Tips

If a full glitter set is too much too handle, trick out a French mani with sparkly tips. Add a few snowflakes and gems for the full winter effect.

13. Gift-Wrapped

'Tis the season for giving no matter the holiday or religious denomination!

14. Cozy Fire

Can't get enough of snuggling up to the fireplace? If you're feeling advanced enough in the nail art department, take the cozy fire to your nails!

15. Mocha Swirls

Who can deny a delicious cup of hot cocoa during the holiday season?

16. Winter Wonderland

Ooh la la! Loving the pearl accents on these winter beauties.

17. Matte Silver

Matte glitter nails add the perfect touch of glam to any holiday look. Don't you ever forget it!

Image: @haletothesea/Instagram