7 Festive Dresses To Wear To Your Holiday Party, Because Holidays Are For Sequins

Let's say you received an invite to a holiday party a month ago. Maybe it was called a plain old "Holiday Party," or maybe they got fancy and called it a "Festive Fete" or "Snowflake Ball." Regardless, you knew that it was going to require one epic party dress. As the date approached, visions of killer outfits danced in your head, but that didn't mean you ever got around to shopping for them. So... what exactly should you wear to this holiday party?

I am telling you: the answer is sequins. This is not a drill. Sure, sequined dresses can be a little hard to style. Though you might say, "hey, aren't these a little much?" the entire point is that they're a little too much. Nothing makes you feel like more of a ~queen~ than walking into a room with your dress glistening under twinkling icicle lights. Of course, if you're feeling a little less bold, you can definitely bring a sequined or metallic look down to earth with some cute, casual accessories.

This season, glitzy looks come in a ton of silhouettes and colors, from classic LBDs to attention-grabbing green. We've partnered with Nordstrom to grab some inspo from our favorite fashion bloggers and show you how to get the look now. Let party-dress season commence!


This is a great way to dip your toe into the wonderful world of glitzy holiday dressing. We love how Joana Vaz of Cookies and Trends styled this with a faux-fur coat to add extra texture.

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Dress The Population 'Lola' Backless Sequin Minidress, $198 at Nordstrom

'Lola' Backless Sequin Minidress

Come for the classic sheath silhouette, stay for the sequins. Take this one for a spin on the dance floor: The daring, deep V in the back will wow the crowd.

The Patterned Party Dress

We're a little obsessed with the striped pattern on this sequined number, shown here on the always-on-point Nicolette Mason.

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Adrianna Papell Embellished Sheath Dress, $268; BB Dakota 'Elise' Ombre Sequin Sheath Dress, $128; both at Nordstrom

A little pattern play takes sequins from glam to artsy in the blink of an eye. Channel a vintage, Great Gatsby feel (left), or be the ultimate cool girl in a striking ombre (right).

The Aquamarine Dream

This look from Bree Lena Wilkins expertly mixes texture and shine for a casual, modern twist on blue sequins.

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Adelyn Rae Sequin Wrap Slipdress, $99; Dress The Population 'Audrey' Sequin Body-Con Dress, $258; both at Nordstrom

Even during the holidays, bright blue can feel like one of those "I can't wear that" colors, but trust us: these dresses will make you feel like a cool, sexy mermaid. The slinky, asymmetrical piece on the left is a bit more casual and comes at a gentler price point, but if you want to amp it up, you'll want to take the dress on the right for a spin.

The Silver Lining

Caitlin of Southern Curls and Pearls shows us how to do silver for daytime. Paired with a relatively casual plaid-and-vest look, you can see how even sequins can work as a neutral.

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BB Dakota 'Miles' Sequin A-Line Dress, $112; Dress the Population 'Tabitha' Backless Sequin Minidress, $198; both at Nordstrom

We repeat: Silver and gold can totally be neutrals. (Hooray!) For nighttime, you have even more options. A pewter finish and swingy fit reads as a bit more casual (left), while a bright, backless silver dress is a stunning take on winter whites (right).

And that's it! Now that you've gotten your party dress on, you'll be ready for whatever merriment comes your way.

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Images: Nordstrom (8); joanavaz_ / Instagram; Nicolette Mason / Instagram; Bree Lena Wilkins / Instagram; cmcoving / Instagram