Anika Is Going To Fight For Hakeem On 'Empire'

Poor Anika, you guys. This woman has been through a lot on Empire, and it keeps getting worse. Recently, Anika learned that she was pregnant with Hakeem's baby, and after several attempts to tell him about it, she was friendzoned and denied by Hakeem that would put off even the biggest optimist. On Empire , Hakeem turned down Anika and it basically put a permanent pin in the relationship that never was. His words were cutting and I don't even know where Anika is going to go from here unless she has some other plan to win Hakeem over.

On "Sinned Against," it became clear that Anika was a little obsessed with Hakeem after we saw her sitting in a pile of photos of him with hearts circled around his face. I can't make this stuff up, she's gone completely 7th grade crush on us. After crashing his party, it was clear that these two were on completely different pages, but nothing made it more clear when Hakeem basically shamed Anika privately.

In a private conversation, Hakeem told Anika that she would never be a Lyon which I imagine — after being married to Lucious — is one tough pill to swallow. This conversation definitely didn't allow Anika to tell Hakeem that she is pregnant, and I can't really see that conversation coming up organically now that he's said she will never be "one of them."

So what does this mean for their future? I don't think Anika is going to be slowing down her pursuit of Hakeem anytime soon. She clearly has feelings for him, and he's going to eventually need to find out he's the father of her son, so I'm hoping she keeps attempting to tell him the news. Maybe these two shouldn't be together — actually, they definitely shouldn't be together — but that doesn't mean they can't co-parent a baby or at least have some type of relationship.

Here's to hoping that the next time Anika tries to tell Hakeem the news he doesn't shut her down and make her feel like a "homie." And if he does, then I'd suggest he watch out, because something tells me Anika isn't going to make it easy for him to ~live his live~.

Images: Chuck Hodes/FOX; Giphy