Urban Decay Naked Palettes Are Wedding-Ready

A certain set of eye shadow palettes have quickly (and deservedly) earned iconic status in the beauty world. The Urban Decay Naked palettes —there are many variations, from the Basics versions to the Smoky option to the numbered editions— are absolutely beloved by makeup mavens. The palettes allow for the expert and foolproof creation of neutrals-based, glamazon eye looks, many of them smoky, subdued, and/or gorgeous.

If you want soft but stunning wedding makeup, well here's some really terrific news. Any and all of the Naked palettes avail themselves of the task of putting together a beautiful, memorable, and perhaps most importantly, photographable look for the big day.

But wait. There's more.

If you plan to do your own makeup when you swap vows, there is an abundance of wedding makeup tutorials featuring the Naked palettes as the central product of the looks. The best thing about the palettes is that they are affordable and offer tons of shadow options, so you can pretty much create any look that you want.

Here are the six best wedding makeup tutorials starring each of the Urban Decay Naked palettes. These make getting Naked so much fun and demonstrate why Naked palettes have ascended to the top of the beauty food chain.

1. Naked 1

This short and sweet tutorial features the Naked 1 palette, boasting gilded lids and highlighted brows. It's all about the subtle sparkle. She doesn't talk; instead, she points to which shadows she is using and expertly walks us through the application. This look shimmers softly.

2. Naked 2

This Naked 2 tutorial is actually designed for women of light, medium, and dark skin tones. So it's universal. It's also glamorous and dramatic, featuring products from other brands to create the overall look. But it's glam without being "too much" and the UDN2 palette is a crucial element.

3. Naked 3

Most bridal makeup tutorials boast natural and soft makeup, which plays to the strengths of the Naked palette series. This lovely used Naked 3. The neutrals in this palette are pink-toned and they are so freakin' appropriate for the big day. This bridal look was "glowy" and so, so pretty.

4. Naked Smoky

Sometimes, going with a smoky eye, which is really more of a classic than anything, is the right decision for wedding makeup. You pretty much cannot go wrong with a smoky eye and you can punch it up for your wedding day. This beauty crafted easy, every day smoky eyes with Naked Smoky. While you might think, "Hmm, I don't want to do every day eyes on my wedding day," this look is dramatic and stunning enough to change your train of thought.

5. Naked Basics

The streamlined Naked Basics palette is anything but basic! Here, it was used to create a dramatic, elegant smoky eye that is perfect for a wedding since it's strong, sexy, and will no doubt photograph well. You can get this look with the Naked Smoky palette, too!

6. Naked 2 Basics

Again, the "Basics" description should not scare you off. You can create totally glamorous wedding eyes with this palette. UDN2B is actually pared down and eliminates guesswork or overthinking it as you go to create mega glam smoky eyes. So if you want to keep it manageable, do so with this palette.

All of these looks can be toned up or down, for every day wear or for your wedding day. That's how versatile and valuable the Naked family of palettes is!

Images: Urban Decay (1)