White House Fence Jumper Results In North Lawn Lockdown, And He's Been Arrested

According to ABC News, a man jumped the fence of the White House's North Lawn on Thursday afternoon, prompting a security lockdown. He has reportedly been arrested and taken into custody. The Obama family was reportedly inside the White House at the time of the security breach, celebrating the Thanksgiving holidays, but by all accounts the man was apprehended by Secret Service agents on the North Lawn well before reaching the building.

Curiously, according to NBC Washington, the man was wearing an American flag when he climbed over the fence and made his way towards the White House's front door, confirmed by photographs of the flag draped around him as he hops the fence, and is later escorted away by the authorities. They also report that he was carrying a manila folder.

This is the first White House fence jumping incident of 2015, though it followed up a 2014 that saw a total of five breaches. One was committed by a toddler, so no harm there, but the others were all adult men who were apprehended with varying levels of success; one of them, Omar Gonzalez, actually made it all the way into the White House with a knife in his hand before being detained.

According to Reuters, the man has been identified by the Secret Service as Joseph Caputo. While no additional details have been given about his motives, if any, he will reportedly be facing criminal charges.