7 Ways To Use The Naked Palettes You've Never Even Considered

I think we can all agree that Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palettes can do no wrong. Chances are, you're used to experimenting with them on your eyes, but there are different ways to use Naked Eyeshadow Palettes you may not have considered. Hey, they work wonders on your lids, so why not put them to use elsewhere?

Between all six Naked palettes out there, there are upwards of 50 different shadows to use in your arsenal. This handy chart of all of the Naked eyeshadows breaks it down pretty well — you've got some serious optionality. And if you've only got one of these miracle shadow sets, 12 shades still gives you tons of room to play, on your eyes and off. (But wouldn't it be ah-mazing to have all six palettes? Goals.)

It's no secret that Naked's incredible shadows are eye superstars. You can work a dramatic smoky eye, a subtle and earthy look, or something more sweet and peachy. There's a combo for every mood, and the best part is deciding on new and unexpected shadows to pair and blend.

But the palettes are even more multifunctional than you think — who says you have to stick to your eyelids with these bad boys? You can use different shades on your brows, skin, and even your lips.

Don't believe me? Consider these seven unusual ways to put your Naked palette to use.

Fill In Your Brows

Full, shapely brows can add definition and depth to your face, but you can get the look without spending on a separate brow product. Try using a Naked shadow that matches your brow color — you can even use a shimmery one to add some interest. Using a stiff brush, fill in sparse areas, then use a spoolie brush to blend the color, says Allure. If you want to set it, spritz a bit of hairspray on your fingertips and apply to your brows (or use a clear gel.)

Intensify Your Eyeliner

If your eyeliner tends to smudge or bleed, try setting it with a Naked shadow in a similar color — this will also make the color deeper and more intense. "First, line your eyes with a pencil liner, and then lightly dust eye shadow in the same shade on top to hold the liner in place," says Cosmo. A teeny-tiny makeup brush does the job. This technique would work with whatever eyeliner you use, though — just let liquid or gel liners dry a tad before you go in with the shadow.

Highlight Your Features

Naked's gilded and rosy shimmer shades work perfectly as highlighter. Allure recommends choosing a hue about two shades lighter than your skin tone, then "apply to the high points of your face, including cheekbones, brow bones, and the bridge of your nose, then blend away any obvious lines."

Test Out Contouring

Curious about contouring? Before you go drop some cash on a contouring kit you're not sure you'll love, try using a Naked eyeshadow for a subtle foray into the trend. Cosmo's maps for contouring based on your face shape are fabulous — simply use a shadow shade a couple of shades darker than your skin tone to create depth, then blend away.

Try Setting Your Concealer

I'm a huge fan of setting my concealer, not only because the concealer itself tends to fade as the day goes on, but also because my mascara and eyeliner love to bleed onto my under eyes if there's no powder there to keep it from sticking. Using a matte hue the same shade as your concealer (which should be a touch lighter than your skin tone), pat on the shadow using your finger or a clean eye shadow brush.

Give Your Cheeks A Rosy Touch

The rosy shades in the Naked 3 palette especially make for amazing blush hues. Using clean fingers, pick your blush shade of choice and rub a bit onto your fingers. Blend upwards starting at the apples of your cheeks and move diagonally towards your temples, then use a blush brush to blend a bit more.

Add A Little Lip Shimmer

Surprisingly, eye shadow and lip color can be an amazing pairing. If your lip color is similar to a shadow in your palette, try using it to set your color with a flat eye shadow brush. It's much more natural than using a translucent powder and then adding a second layer of lipstick. You can also give your lips a little dimension by adding a shimmery shade to the center of your bottom lip — Julep suggests trying an unexpected gold or metallic shade to add drama.

Images: Urban Decay; Mahi, Monkey Business/Fotolia; goodhealth, SunBelievable, Mi_Belle_Reina, byrdiebeauty, IntoTheGloss/Twitter